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Suggestions/Talking Points needed - Please Help

Over the weekend I ran into an friend who owns one of Milwaukee's awesome indy bookstores.  I'd mentioned to him in the past that he should carry zines, and he's always hemmed and hawed about it.


When I saw him on Sunday he said he was open to having a discussion about it.  So I'm asking for talking points to convince him.  I think it would be great, as MKE doesn't have that many places that carry zines.


Questions I'm anticipating:

1) Which Zines?  Where to order from?

2) Payment - order at cost, markup, etc.

3) Stocking - no ISBN/ISSN, no barcode... how to deal with it with a register system


Other things I've thought of:

If Boswell's starts to carry zines, maybe we can get zine folks who also make books to come in and do readings, and get it to be a tour stop.  Win-win for zines, Milwaukee, and the bookstore. :D

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Comment by Tim Murphy on July 12, 2011 at 5:02pm
I see you have a new 'zine (happened to see it on an earlier post).  Nifty. :)  (I should start making some paper copies of my stuff again)
Comment by Antiquated Future on June 21, 2011 at 11:30pm

I work at a bookstore and help stock the zine section, so here's my thoughts from some years of doing that.

1. Suggest some of yr favorites, of course. And I totally agree with Chris as far as fitting the store's theme. I will say that bookstore customers often look past a lot of traditional perzines and zines without eye catching covers and/or somewhat clean layout. Zines by really solid writers and those with really clear specialized subjects tend to do much better than art or comic zines or variety zines.

2. I find that bookstore customers will also pay a little more, so when you can't get them wholesale, the mark-up isn't the biggest thing. $5 is a lot cheaper than the average new hardcover ($26.95 these days).

3. If you can act as liason for restocking (stopping in once every other week or something), then they don't have to stress about zines not being carried by book distributors. My co-workers would probably not be into it if I wasn't doing most the work. If they have a computer system for stickering their books, they should be able to handle making a sticker for a book without an ISBN. If they don't and they really do just use the barcodes, they've definitely ran into enough things without barcodes to have a way of dealing with that and you should ask them about it.

Good luck!


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