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being an honest,calm,well loved zine artist,i seldom,if ever,have a problem with anybody.people are always coming up to me on the street and hugging me.thats why when i found out that dreaded "straightedge" hoodlums were slowly showing thier evil faces,i decided to spring to action.straightedge,the thinly disguised american nazi movement,are creeping around surreptitiously inciting otherwise normal stoned people to violently and brutally assault poor defenseless cancer patients with thier hate filled straightness.these skinhead nazi bastards,using the XXX broken shwastika logo as they beat and kill,are possibly planning an assault as we speak.killing old and young,the pro male,anti gay straightedge bastards are waiting,coast to coast,to start thier campaign of skinhead nazi murder and assault,as soon as we let our gaurd down.what can we do?putting ant poison in thier soda's is a start,and could possibly save a few lives-considering they want to ban all drugs,including ones that cure cancer and aids.as peaceful as i am,i think finding out who thier parents are and firebombing thier house would not be out of line.remember,these are people who are out to kill and tear down all the strides weve made towards wymyns rights and gay rights over the past 5o years.breaking thier hands,by use of explosives or beating them with 2X4's,would immobilize the terroristic rapist nazi bastards and thier violent anti drug hatred from going out and beating the elderly again.most think its too late-this menaces apparatus is already in place,spreading its anti hispanic racist hatred from thier secret headquarters in the midwest,possibly one of the shittier states(illinois).well,like all right wing bastards,from adolf hitler to sara palin,they lie and lie,saying thier harmless,until its time for them to strike.then theyre going to come to all the good independant punk shows and start fights.they already are out there,violently stomping those they find "genetically inferior".there is only one defense,as the straightedge mind police surround minorities and freedom loving gblmt youth in alleys this summer,to ostensibly kill them.we must strike the first blow.if you see a person with the broken shwazi XXX logo,you have to nut up,go on the roof,and find a cinderblock and drop it on thier head.if we cripple and injure one of these mental rapists,were saving countless old people who need pain medication.its preventative non violence to mutilate these republicans.that might make up for all the people they hurt and destroyed in the past.you may or may not remember the riot at the tears for fears show,where several straightedge kids murdered an albanian hot dog vendor in syracuse.or the meteors show where they tried to ban aqua net.it was a scene ending waste,and totally ruined the whole punk planet.after that,there was nobody left to play but bananarama,so of course the cro-mags would sound good in comparison.please dont help naziism.kill all straightedge people now.peace!

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Comment by bobby madness on December 31, 2012 at 3:50pm

I hope people realize this is kind of a joke.I was really wasted when I wrote it,and I think the point was to show that basically,you can demonize anything successfully with extremist tones.On the other hand,I really can't remember!


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