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Stop Raping The Land,Evil Corporations-And A Shout Out to JDogg!

Fucking hillside in Washington state collapsed and killed like 13 rednecks.Did you see that shit?That was some fucked up shit.And now,the gummint came out with a report that they had a report in 1997 from two smart geologists that said not to clear cut there,but went by the old 1988 guidelines instead.Clear cutting ruins both of the already crappy states of Washington and Oregon.Why the shit cocksucking hell piss whore doesnt anybody do something about it?Well,you can't.The Family,the awesome eco-terrorists that went on a far out groovy arson spree all got busted-they're chillin' out in club Fed.But,you know,I live in Oregon,and I go camping a lot,and the woods have just been getting destroyed by loggers.It looks like shit.And most of you fucks probably think I'm just your average fat pig white asshole cat killing square,but actually,I'm a political ass motherfucker.And one of my chief concerns?The environment.I'm like that native american crying at the end of that commercial and shit.I care like a motherfucker.Care care care-thats me in a nutshell.We need to leave behind some shit for future generations to wreck.But what can I personally do?I'm not going to tell other people what to do-I'm not a gender studies major-but I myself can do shit on my own to stop pollution.Like,I quit driving cars in 1991-and I have only used bicycles and public transportation ever since.Thats great of me-I know.But what the fuck else can I do?I recycle,and I stopped illegally dumping used motor oil in storm drains.Plus,I used to tell people I could dispose of asbestos for only 2 to 500 dollars,then dump it on Union Pacific land,so they had to get rid of it.But one thing thats important-remember,paper products kill trees-every zine you print contributes to the next mudslide.When you fold your zines,you probably don't realize your responsible for the mud filling an 8 month old babies lungs as he dies in a mudslide-but you are.So I make sure all my pages look great.I spend at least 20 minutes on each page I draw.How many times have you picked up a zine,and thought,"This sucks ass",and read it and then told the person,"That looks AWESOME!",but really it looks like dogshit?Well,fuck that fucking shit!From now on,if somebodys zine sucks,say,"Hey-save a tree-this zine isn't worth the paper its printed on".Just do it in a non racist,non sexist,non homophobic way,or else I'll kill you-why?Because nobody said non-violent.Oh,yeah-and WHASSUP,J Dawg!Told you I'm environmental!See ya' in da club!Yeah-yuh!

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Comment by bobby madness on April 1, 2014 at 10:58pm

Your goddamn right!FIGHT THE POWER!!!

Comment by Zelda on April 1, 2014 at 11:22am

also, fracking. I went to a rally against it. fracking is some whack shit. it creates a ground-level ozone layer. but all these profit crazed dicks are trying to make it commonplace in california. UH HI WHAT ABOUT THAT DROUGHT ? ARE WE REALLY NOW GOING TO WASTE 100 MILLION (literally) GALLONS OF WATER TO UNEARTH OIL, WHICH IS GOING TO DISAPPEAR ANYWAY? it's freakin' finite and we're going to blow all of our resources on fucking fossil fuels ?!



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