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Sound Opinions and fair reviews for Indy Musicians

Should radio shows that say they cover popular music, cover popular music?
Sure, says I. Please send this as an e-mail to them to ask for a fair review of the Big List. Thanks!

"Sound opinions" is a Chicago based music review radio show. They bill themselves as "The world's only rock and roll talk show".
http:​/​/​www.​soundopinions.​org/​ e-mail at: interact@​soundopinions.​org

They describe themselves as a "unique and essential source for the top stories, albums and trends in music."

So will they review the NPR 200 Song Music Challenge? Their email response was, "No". Well how about Sound Opinions reviewing the Big List? So I asked them to review the big list as an "Outside The Box Set"!. See letter below.

Help me get a fair review for this Big lIst and it's 200 great musicians - the best of the net. Forward this to them and suggest fairness in their reviews of all kinds of music and music lists. That means reviews of even music with bite, excitement, and even a touch of revolution! Sound Opinions, don't be the Boy's Bands of radio. Be cutting edge, not corporate druge. Cover the big List!!! Thanks!

BACKGROUND - What is Sound Opinions.

From its website:

Based in Chicago, Sound Opinions is hosted by Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot, two of the finest and best-​recognized pop music writers in the nation. In addition, they are the top music critics and dedicated competitors at Chicago's two daily newspapers, the Chicago Sun-Times (Jim) and the Chicago Tribune (Greg).

Every week, Sound Opinions fires up smart and spirited discussions about a wide range of popular music, from cutting-edge underground rock and hip-hop, to classic rock, R&B, electronica, worldbeat, or just about any other genre you can name.

Sound Opinions' consistently informed, engaging, and controversial dialogue makes it a unique and essential source for the top stories, albums, and trends in music. This is cutting-edge criticism and journalism presented in the great tradition of Siskel and Ebert with a sly wink to the MTV generation and indispensable for their parents, who want to stay on top of the current trends and be the coolest Baby Boomer at the water cooler.

Sound Opinions said it would not talk about the NPR 200 song Challenge because they are not a part of NPR. ??? Well, let's look at this major music challenge another way. I'm submitting a 200 song recording for review on your show. It's titled
the BIG LIST , an OUTSIDE THE BOX set, of 200 songs, the very best of new recordings from all over the world. 200 mostly new songs (or new to most people) by 200 new artists from all over the world. AND no corporate record company behind them. Each is his own record company.

Will you consider reviewing it? The list is at.

The list is the first of it's kind. It is the first best of the world on the net, music list. It is big news, and the Big List, has challenged anyone anywhere to find 200 better new songs, including NPR. It is just as valid a recording as any you have reviewed. It covers more artists than any you've reviewed, and it may have a bigger impact on world music than any recording you have reviewed. What say you two?

Press release
Tom Hendricks has challenged corporate music to a 200 song music challenge - the biggest in history. Hendricks calls it the "Trendy Versus Quality" 200 song challenge. He's suggested that corporate art , the Four Major recording companies, or any music related show or website, can choose any 200 recent songs recorded versus his BIG LIST, the best of world music on the internet list. http:​/​/​wp.​me/​p5S9X-​36. Music lovers are asked to voice comments, pick favorites, join in the music challenge of Post-Bands music, and make world history.

Tom Hendricks
(editor of the 17 year old zine Musea)

http:​/​/​www.​Musea.​us (Musea, named as one of the best ZINES by UTNE magazine)
http:​/​/​www.​Hunkasaurus.​com (Music, 5 full CD's of free Post-Bands Music)
http:​/​/​www.​Musea.​wordpress.​com (Blog for Musea, Art Contests, Weekly E-mail Messages)

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