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Small Deal is a big Aggravation when Corporations can't admit being wrong

My sister and I both have a guilty pleasure of watching Celebrity Apprentice and then comparing notes.  Sunday, after watching for almost two hours - the climax of the show was coming up - the culmination of two hours invested in watching - and THEN -
NBC local affiliate in Dallas, Channel 5, broke in with a tornado warning. The weather man gave a warning about a possible tornado, then repeated it over and over, and played around with graphics for about 10 minutes. Then instead of going back to the show, they went to the 10 O'Clock news.  
Come on NBC. There must be a better way to handle this. I wrote them and said
"Well you ruined my night. (You need to ) apologize for ruining the
ending of that 2 hour show with that weather man saying nothing over and
over. There were ways to handle this that would warn the people in the
danger area without ruining a night of tv. I'm waiting for an apology. "
What could they have done?  Go back to the show after the warning period was over. Say something on the news to explain why they did it. Something! Anything!. Here is the usual corporate robot speak, where corporations never ever do anything wrong, that I got back from NBC 5.
There was a tornado warning in Parker County moving into Tarrant County.
We did not make this decision without a lot of thought to programming
and safety. This time, we felt the safety of people living in eastern
sections of Parker County and western sections of Tarrant county was
more important.
I certainly understand your frustration after waiting for two hours to
see the finale to the show. It will not be re-shown, but you can go to
NBC.com for the information.
Again, thank you for understanding.
Eric Kreindler
NBCDFW Senior Executive Producer
NBC Local Media - NBCDFW.COM
This is not really a big deal overall. But honestly I'm not thankful for corporations that act this way and can never apologize.  They could have done both the warning, and either gone back to the show later, or said something to us viewers. There was a real sense in all this that NBC 5, didn't care and couldn't be bothered. There was an overall corporate fatheadedness here that couldn't admit to ever doing anything wrong.

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