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(slightly belated) Happy Birthday Joe and a rediscovered tribute

+ Joe/Clash related issue 1 memories

(it's gone midnight - now 1:14 am, so no longer the 21st here in Britain. Keeping odd hours & getting distracted by urban75 + time to refind, edit, upload and write all this doesn't help getting tributes out there for the right day)

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Link to fullsized/large version for printing A4.

(originally 300ppi -  not sure if uploading it here changes that )



(A letter to Joe Strummer)

"What can I say that isn't a cliche or sounds like the sort of fan worship that would've only embarrassed you if said to your face. What can I say except thanks, for well everything really, you know what. Especially for still being vital, and making with The Mescaleros some of the most meaningful & great music I've ever heard. Why didn't I get to experience this earlier?

(a confession, the first time I encountered something by you and The Mescaleros I was disappointed, thought it wasn't what you should be singing about, but what did I know.)  Streetcore is an amazing album (of course you know this already), the Meskies did you proud. hope you can feel and appreciate  all the love and respect there for you (and what's already existing and in the future) and it doesn't embarrass you too much - you've earned it man.

Jen D (Rollinder)"* (*the username I was using on Strummernews/satch's (now IMCT/If Music Could Talk) at the time)



A tribute to Joe Strummer I created a while back for a blog somebody was doing about unsent letters/letters you wish you could send or something like that, that I turned into an unused zine/myspace flyer - just tweaked it slightly to add the link to my page here on wemakezines.

The original letter was something I wrote for someone on a fansite (probably on strummernews) asking for messages to Joe for them to leave round/by his memorial stone at Glasonbury (part of an rememberance during the festival). about 2004 or 05 I think (prob 2004 because I'm still in that honeymoon rush of how amazing The Mescaleros are) - then reused and turned into cut and paste on a (shop bought) handmade coloured paper background with glued on glitter stars between the words in copies of the first issue of Hopelessly Romantic zine.

(sroll to the bottom for the original)

This reworking (I edited it a bit to make it shorter & remove the section too specific to Glastonbury - Mick Jones was performing in the Left Field irrc prob with early Carbon/Silicon?) was done from a scan of an original cut-and-paste (I re-made these collages for several issues until I got fed up of the whole fiddley buisness of cutting out every fucking word and rearanging them according to the paper and gluing/sticking them with double siding tape each time. Discovered the bent long end of of plain - thin and sort've pointy paperclip is great for removing stubbon backing) for printing colour inserts and re-cutout and moved arround using an old hacked/cracked copy of PSP over a rescan of a spare low-res photocopy of a magazine photo I loved and had also used in a different context in issue 1...

(god the way Joe is standing, part revolutionary but part vulnerable, backed up/almost penned in against the wall, the photocopy/test photo on the side where he's almost facepalming and looking like Mark Lamar, the Marlene Dietrich poster, the whole school stationary cupboard feel, pointing with a cigarette to the angle of the aerial and the radio sloganed with PLAY LOUD - straight off the message on the label to Lennon's Instant Karma. Fuck I wish The Clash had covered that, somewhere between angry and freewheeling in the spirit of I Fought The Law & Brand New Cadillac. )


God I need to dig out my surviving flat & copy of issue one (lost my original txt files etc when my previous computer died) and salvage the bits that aren't plugs for out of date events that had happened by the time most people even got to see a copy and info straight of the internet. (then there's the drug rant article I'd mostly changed by opinion by the next year.), might pdf the whole thing with added disclaimers and my old address removed and stick on one of those free punk/zine archives. and/or do an revised reprint w/ notes.


The original letter/collage

eta: a photo of the original zine page is here, was originally written for Strummerday 21st June 2004. The opposite page has more background Mick and Luce read the messages (btw I was wrong about Manchester Kev, turned out he wasn't as much of a really good bloke - lied about Joe's guitar being a replica at Strummercamp, and about it being Joe's hand not his, signing victory in that photo of Joe & Mick after reuniting at the Acton fireman's benefit).

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