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Since first entering into the world of zines, just a little while ago, every time I come here I end up reading. I read forum threads, follow links and read more and that stirs thoughts, lots and lots of thoughts. It's kind of like being a tourist in a city you've decited to visit and then just end up staying because the city is just so completely absorbing.

Tonight was no different. I was going through the different thread discussions and came across the one about old and new zine makers. I don't like the term zinester because it feels the same say signage feels when I say it, all gritty and bad on my tounge and teeth.
I loved reading the accounts of memories of people who have been making and reading zines for years. It's very much like listening to story tellers who capture the minds and immaginations of wide eyed children.

Well after reading through several pages of this and reading titles of zines that people have loved and miss, I went looking for some e-zines to read and look at. It was kind of disapointing. I read a couple of articles that didn't do anything for me. The titles looked great, but the content failed to fulfill the expectation of the title.
As is evident from all of this, I'm still trying to figure out what exactly is the epitomy and body of zine.
I know it can be anything from personal accountings of some event, observations of something, personal crusades to further the cause of some truth that makes fire in the heart.
I understand this. But there is a moment when things click into place and it becomes real in a way that a person is real. I'm looking for that moment.

Maybe the expectation of it happening quickly is too much to expect. Maybe it's something that sneaks up on you and then one day you suddenly realize you really understand it and don't have to think twice before you can explain what it is.
I've had that experience before with other things. It's a kind of change over, where you know what the road signs mean because you finally understand the language of the country your in.

So I'll keep reading and learning and accepting that all of it makes me think and wonder. I'll keep making zines too. Fumbling around and trying to make each one something extrodinary, and I'm sure I will produce alot that arn't anything other than strange artifacts or odd art peices like little curiosities in the journey of my life. I can live with that.

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