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Lately I have seen a lot of people freaking out over shwastika's in my freind's magazine.Personally, I think this is stupid for a number of reasons.First off, it's just a fucking symbol.It's been around for centuries.You might as well complain about the triangle.Secondly, I think censoring anybody is a bad idea.I don't care who it is-I want to know where people are coming from.I don't want people to hide the way they feel,or what they're into.Plus, I think any reminder of World War 2 is a good one.The example of a government adopting racism as policy is a shocking, sick twisted wake-up call to everyone. WW2 was organized racisms (supposed) grand hurrah.Why should it be glossed over and hidden? We, the US, stole that shwastika from the racist scum-why shouldn't we wear it? I think anything that piques peoples curiosity in history is a good thing. And when it comes to sporting it, you can't tell someones intent by sight. If you hate that symbol, speak up-but know that that's just your opinion. If you want it banned though, you might as well move to Israel.Your in lock step with their government.If you were in WW2, I could see being pissed about it. But if your not an Aushwitz survivor, what exactly is it triggering in your head that makes it so it must never be seen? I mean, I don't like gangsta rap, but I recognize it as a legitamate form of expression. I mean, who gives a fuck, really? It doesn't instantly mean your a racist to have one on your body, just like a picture of a ship doesn't mean your a sailor. Most people who complain about the shwazi's play the holocaust down anyways. They are usually the first to blurt out "Native Americans suffered worse",or compare the holocaust to slavery.Then, they hate Israel and support the muslims right to be anti-semetic. Forget the fact that Hamas would shoot them in the head if they saw their tumblr. Basically. the people who are trying to blacklist zines with shwastika's by labeling them racist don't resemble the people who fought and won freedom for the world in World War 2. They actually are more like the people who passed by during Krystalnacht because "It's too confrontational-I'm non violent." When they go all groupthink and decide to blacklist your zine in a conniving power play by secretly banning a publication, they're more like the people who yelled,"He's Jewish! Get him!". In other words, they are against freedom of speech. Some people think its funny to be outrageous and obnoxious. It has a long history, specifically in underground publishing. By hating it so much you lie just to get a zine banned when you know it's not racist is probably the best way to make sure it remains popular and has shwastika's in every issue. 

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Comment by bobby madness on August 7, 2014 at 11:10am

Yeah,I don't have a lot of Hindu's reading my blog.Plus,its more of an opinion than an argument.But thanks for the feedback.

Comment by Enjin on August 5, 2014 at 3:00pm

Holy wall of text.

Your argument might hold water if you y'know, referenced Hindu's perhaps?


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