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Poems for this week 8/14/10


Round and round
go Saturn's rings.
it's a perpetual
motion machine.

Kafka came to me
a ghost in a dream.
I told him how much
the world loved his work.
"Which ones do they like?"
"Them all," I replied.
He thought for a moment
and scrunched up his face
and told me to tell them
"When they become ghosts
then I'll give thanks!"

... and I saw that the women
wore trained butterflies
to adorn their hair.

Everyone donated their hand mirrors
to a pile of bronze in the middle of the village.
There to melt down to make a great bell.
The sun would shine and the heap would glow.
A scientist said that a photon on entering
would bounce in the mirrors for 30 years
before finding a way back out.

there are parts of the sky
that are just stars, stars, stars.
You wake up bathed in light!
you go to sleep bathed in light!!
you ride your life bathed in light!

These aliens are
very advanced
they charge 3 dollars
for a postage stamp!

The assistant carried his master's paintings
as they travelled from port to port.
He dreamed sometimes that the bag was God's
and he was one of his many helpers.
And during creation, he would do as commanded
and pull from the sack a slice of stars,
or a sun and moon, or a herd of clouds,
or a mountain range colored blue,
a ribbon of rivers, or a mirror of ocean,
or a forest filled with the songs of birds.
And when that day's work was done,
he'd tie up the bag and carry it on.

All the stars
are blue shifted
and there is so
little time!


The more edits in a film, the more dreamlike it is. The fewer edits the more realistic it is.

Math equation. The worse art gets, the more award shows there are.

The Hulk had the best lines! (TV review).

A no hit wonder has no career. A one hit wonder has a career for life.

When everyone's a winner, winning is meaningless.

Even with water he couldn't grow rust.

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