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                                                     Current Issue #2

                According to an article on IBJ.com (Indianapolis Business Journal) "an Indiana Senate panel has approved a bill that would allow creationism to be taught in Indiana's public schools." This bill will now head for the full senate to be voted on by people who are not scientists and do not understand evolution. " The bill allows schools to authorize 'the teaching of various theories concerning the origin of life' and specifically mentions 'creation science' as one such theory." The scientific community has already tried to stop this from happening and to keep religion out of science classes altogether. A chemistry professor from Purdue University, for instance, told the panel that evolution is the only scientific explanation of life's origins and that creationism "is unquestionably a statement of a specific religion."

            Creationism, even when called Intelligent Design, is neither scientific or intelligent. Believe what you want but don't try to lie to children by telling them something is science when the vast majority of scientists have come to the consensus that it's not. Hopefully, the next time I see my senior portfolio, the battle against science will be long gone and I'll have to read this article to remember it.

By, Frankfurt Mcknuggets


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