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It's 8:38 a.m. I've been wandering around on this site. First day here. Into the world of learning I go, hi ho, hi ho, cookies and milk or maybe something else to chew on while I'm reading and thinking and thinking somemore.
I've been doing art for a long, long time now and writing for a long, long time and I've heard about zines for a few years and have tried to grab hold of what zines really are and so I'm here to learn and make my own. But I need a name that says it all, speaks to the cosmic strings that catch and grasp energy and immages and says to who ever is passing by "come a little closer and see the world through my eyes" or something to that tune.

This is going to be a unique process since the copier/printer I bought a couple of years ago is stuck in a machine break down that says there is a paper jam somewhere but there is no paper that we can see anywhere inside it.
The truck is broken too so that means printing is going to have to be done at the nearest copy shop which isn't a bad thing, lots to observe about the bus people, a unique speices of humans, a rare common strand of folks who ride the long limo to and from their destinations. Living stories among us, companions for a brief time durring the ride.

I started riding the bus because it seemed like a brilliant move to save money. I'm not hugely fond of money, but making what you have stretch is using good economic sense. After a while if you can manage to save enough here and there makes room for fun adventures and those I am quite fond of.
Then the reason changed. My truck broke and with no money to fix what's broken, the bus or my feet are the go to magic carpets in my life. My head swims often as I plan trips that now take hours to get from here to there and back again. If it were summer it would be easier, but it's winter and so standing outisde at bus stops trying to keep from becomming a humancicle ends up being exausting. A major task created out of something that shouldn't be major.

So that is going the copy shop is going to be a consideration in doing this. There are more considerations besides that but after thinking about wanting to do the one thing I love doing and know better than anything else, which is creating art and wanting to do that for a living, making zines seems like a reasonable road to take.

This is my version of brain storming and right now to figure out a name for this adventure is sitting here staring at me with eyes that go on forever.

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