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rock and roll camp for girls-your daughter can be the next mia zapata

alot of cats in the scene like to gloss over some of the more realistic,grittier aspects of whats going on,in an attempt to make zines,punk rock,the diy ethic and other slogan worthy crapola more palpable and accessable to middle class money.whether its to help suck up some grant money,or inflate thier self worth for market purposes,newcomers and old worn out hipsters alike are constantly sugar coating formerly dangerous,creative scenes in an attempt to make them palpable to honky hipsters whose harmlessness and paranoia would normally keep them from doing something they think is crazy,like drinking two beers after midnight,or saying hi to a black person.soon,stupid talentless hacks who normally would{and should)run from cool places in fear,are moving in,claiming the afforementioned scene as thier own,and making ten times the money the originaters did.this may or may not be the case with the rock camp for girls,a ridiculously stupid donation stealing machine promoted by obviously vapid,harmful,self centered nincompoops.a sacred cow of the retarded attempts to market punk rock to minors,regardless of how harmful it is,the rock and roll camp for girls is a separatist training ground known for fucking up kids heads for the rest of thier life.it gets donations from the royalties from the drummer for the runaways,for christs sake.do people really think thats a good example for people to emulate?there big hit "cherry bomb",an anthem to losing your virginity,is a commercial,sexist piece of garbage.is "popping your cherry" really a good thing to teach 8 year olds to sing about to get attention?rock and roll is great,but its also very drug oriented.drugs arent good for 10 year olds,unless perscribed by a doctor.and by excluding all boys,your basically teaching children to discriminate based on sex.thats wrong-its separatist groupthink,and holds harmful lessons for youngsters.its a thinly disguised man hating training ground,really.i mean,who in thier right mind would tell a little kid to go into a career filled with violence,drugs,sexist yahoo's,unbridled egotism and sleazy record companies?the profiteering braindead morons who run rock camp for girls,teaching intolerance and lack of communication towards an entire section of the population.teaching girls sexism is bad by excluding boys would be like trying to stop racism by separating everyone by race.but,obviously,the worthless leeches at the rock and roll camp for girls care little about the harm they cause young minds.they're laughing all the way to the bank.i know several parents who completely regret sending thier child to this place,now that they have a man hating 14 year old who is empowered enough to be a lesbian,period.this joint is a scam-for every example you have of a role model for girls in rock,you can find 5 dead,abused victems.i would hate it if my daughter turned out like courtney love,or a talentless hack like joan jett.the rock and roll camp for girls is a bad joke with no punch line.i'd be ashamed to run a place selling lies to children.chuck e cheese is punker than that dump.

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Comment by Kari Tervo on July 3, 2011 at 8:06pm
Definitely an interesting perspective that I had not before considered.  I don't think the rock and roll camp is really some kind of Al-Qaeda for feminists; it's more girls-can rather than men-shouldn't.  At the same time, I don't think feminism (term used broadly) is careful enough to emphasize that it's not men who are the enemy, it's the system and social genealogy that sustains the current power structure.  That's hard to communicate in a bumper sticker slogan, though.


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