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robot zines from the future-and the impact of sociopolitical transformatory analysis

as a member of we make zines,i feel a certain responsibility to the zine community at large.i considered joining other zine social networking sites,such as "we make zines that sell",or"we make zines people read",but i figured this site fit me alot better,even though im 97 years old.but the point is not just to talk about me,or how great i am,or how i have a huge penis or how i can get coke tommorow.no,this is way more important.everybody needs to hear this-ive only told my cat,duke(sup,key-key,you know you in dey beeeeyooootch).no,but for reals-this is a serious message bearing down on the future of zines,and-the future of humanity.although im not as articulate as someone with a g.e.d,i am a fellow punk roquier',and a zine person,who has sold more zines in upper chzechlslovakia than elvis and even the beatles.but,what i want you cts to grok,is that my friend cooper found this wierd hookup for a plan for a functioning time machine.he built it in his back yard,and we were fucking with it,and we went to the year 2029(im totally serious).it was wierd,and armageddon was under way.nuclear technology had taken over,and humans were getting killed and enslaved right and left.well,imagine my surprise when i discovered(in this hellish realm of psychotic madness)a zine convention.i couldnt believe it.even though high tech assassination robots enslaved us,there was still a thriving zine scene.i went to the demolished library cum convention center,and really,except for some skulls and bulletholes,it was pretty much like any other zine convention-non homophobic un-racist people that were like the cast of glee,only with zits and crappy hair.i met some cool alien cyborg chyks and smoked some glixon c-12,this new strain.but i wanted to dig deeper-otherwise i wouldnt be part of an earth shattering revelation like "we make zines".so i was bugging them to telepathically(apparently everyone cool is telepathic in future zine world)clue me in on what the fizzyo is up with zines in 2029.well,this is where the story gets a little wierd,but they(telepathically)told me to warn everyone here that....well,your not going to believe this,but these two freaks(and their zines rocked)said that robot zines from the future were coming to kill us.they look like regular zines,but they can change shape and turn into dangerous murder machines,hellbent on the annihilation of the human race.if one killer robot zine makes it back here,we are all doomed.and,they said they might send one to kill me so i wont be able to tell you about it.these zines can cyber-genetically cryo-mutate and destroy us all through an arsenal of photocollages and band reviews.im non-sexist,and non racist,but i am not non robot killer zine from the furure.we are all going to die,man-these zines are going to kill us all.why?to spread a mechanized zine-mageddon throughout portland oregon,since portland is the only place on the punk planet where people still read zines.it could have been a hallucination from drugs,but i highly doubt it.stay alert,jc65-11co-def

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