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what were the first zines?fanzines as a phrase was used to describe home made college humor homages to Mad and Kurtzmans punch,to name a few.in the seventies,sci fi freaks also used the term to describe writing and illustration collections,usually with some comic industry news thrown in.small print runs and a personal feel are hallmarks of zines.jn the late seventies,early eighties,new life was given to the medium,with the advent of punk rock.Sniffin'Glue,a crappily drawn,thin mag set the tone.john holmstroms PUNK magazine heralded the rise of well produced fanzines.soon photocollage zines prolifferated,some huge,some small,yet all unique and worthwhile,as they chronichled a side of life usually not covered in traditional media.a desperation to be heard was a hallmark of zines.usually covering a subculture not considered normal by the rest of society.soon these zines morphed into a hydra like system to give unsung artists and bands thier due.unfortunately,this has been co-opted and stolen by the same greedy bastards that ruin every other art form-rich people.rich people,with thier instilled upper middle class sense of entitlement,have forced thier way into zines.its reflected in the bossy,authoritarian morons who point fingers constantly at everybody and anybody in the zine scene,which sucks now because of them.rich people ruin everything.just like when they eat while others starve,the rich people ignore the suffering of real artists and musicians,so they can hijack another scene and turn it into a boring,white vehicle for thier own personal gain and profit.its not even intentional.its automatic for the spoiled babies still suckling at the parents bank accounts of doom-doom for the real artists who have great talent and skills but no money.they instead are replaced by the fake rich assholes,who have no talent but all the money.through a smokescreen of self righteousness and false authority,little by little these leeches are psychic vampiring zines to death.soon,if they have thier way,anything that doesnt fit thier rosy bullshit matrix is deemed unfit,and ostrasized.perfecting these techniques in high school and college,these backbiting gossip folks use familiar smear tactics to surreptitously undermine the real zinesters.white makes right,as trust fund ass wipes water down all messages,until soon,the only zines allowed will be ones about knitting or disneyland.rich people are a pox on zines.drastic action,namely planting of c-4 explosives and arson,is needed.if we dont kill all the rich people in the zine scene,then we'll all be ruined.im non violent,but the need to hack all rich people who put out zines with a ten pound wood maul is financially empowering,and it takes community involvement to a whole new level.it doesnt have to be a negative thing either-we could dress like zombies or something.if we dont,then all we'll ever see is the "cometbus lite"style of zine we see lately,which makes me puke-right in your wifes face.peace!

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