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Photo of zines and letter I will be returning removed at Zac's request.

Thought I'd do this publicly so I don't get accused of being unreasonable/mean/evil/whatever.

I will be returning some of Zac's zines that I received for distro stock with the following note:

It is with regret that I am unable to stock your zines and have to return them to you. Since receiving them for stock it came to my attention that some of your comments on a blog post on WMZ go against my fundamental beliefs and by extension, those of my distro. Whilst you deleted your account, the evidence still remains that you hold some very anti-feminist beliefs which completely oppose my own, and my distro’s. My distro is primarily for feminist zines, with queer zines as a secondary focus. I hope you can understand why I therefore cannot stock zines by someone who publically, in a zine environment no less, goes against these beliefs.

Furthermore, I have also been reliably informed that you have spoken negatively of distros on WMZ in the past, something I obviously don’t appreciate. I stock zines I like and genuinely have no ulterior motives. I think the way you have acted is unfortunate because I really did like the content of your zines.

Good luck with your future zine projects.

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Comment by lizzy / marching stars distro on January 21, 2010 at 2:50pm
He emailed me again. I suppose it's easier to just copy/paste. He's made it clear before he has no real qualms with such things.

That was like the quickest ANGER/SADNESS/ACCEPTANCE thing ever, first I wanted to punch my computer screen, then I burst into tears and now I'm okay again!

You know what? I deleted my blog post, you're correct: You have every right not to distro my stuff, I just wish you'd emailed me personally rather than let me find out in an impersonal blog post.

Anyway, I've left WMZ for now and packed all my zine stuff into a box for moving house, it might stay there for a while. This, on top of a bunch of other stuff, is killing me a little so I'm going to need a break.

I know this is a really shitty thing of me to do, but I honestly cannot afford for you not to send me that money via paypal, I was okay with being broke for a week or two because I was going to get all these awesome zines in the mail (most of which were, ironically, feminist), but now...I owe my Dad some money (he sends my mail and buys me print cartridges, I take him for granted - go figure), and I should probably get it back to him.

Also, is there any way you can just add to the bottom of your blog-post about this that I've emailed you now and am "amicable" about it but I'm going to take a break, or something - I don't want people to think I just !BLEW UP! and left.

- Zac
Comment by lizzy / marching stars distro on January 21, 2010 at 2:40pm
Pfft. He said "This is...crippling, to say the least. Censorship as usual, I guess I should remove you from my zine distro list.

I'm not sure what blog post you're referring to, but I am not in any way "anti-feminist", I just think I'm for gender equality as opposed to being so flat-out cruel to men.

I have not spoken negatively about distros at all, I just said that they were very insular and it would be nice if there was a little variety, something that I actually thought your distro had.

This is a very unprofessional and cruel thing to do, do you actually have any idea how much it cost me to print those zines? It was already costing me over $30 to get them to you (with printing and postage) and now they aren't even being distributed.

Lizzy, it's a shame you've been influenced by your friends, this is a very hurtful thing to do."
Comment by lizzy / marching stars distro on January 21, 2010 at 2:16pm
Zac responded to this but then decided to delete it. Unfortunate really because it's not unclear what I am replying to. He emailed me the same message he posted though :)
Comment by lizzy / marching stars distro on January 21, 2010 at 2:08pm
It's not censorship. You are still free to say what you want to who you want. I'm just not happy promoting or associating with it.

I don't know what zine distro list you are talking about. My distro was doing well before I presume this list came into existence and no doubt will continue to do so even if it is removed from said list.

Even one of your comments today can definitely be considered anti-feminist. I think you'll find that most feminists actually believe in gender equality and I for one am quick to call out so-called feminists who are "cruel to men".

I considered the financial difficulty that I would be putting you in. If you let me have your paypal address I am quite happy to paypal over $30 as well as returning the copies you sent me.

I have not been "influenced" by my friends. I believe that one of the better values in the zine world is that of loyalty. I am loyal to those I have worked with for a long time and those whose work and opinions I have always respected. I listen to their opinions and advice. However, this decision is entirely mine.


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