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I don't like being institutionalized.I've alway's been against the Government,and they run all the institution's.But when you can't conform to the basic rules of society,it's inevitable.When your out of control,there are bigger thing's in place to control you.These agencies will step in when your action's allow it.And then all the thing's we take for granted are out the window.Vague rules and paperwork that is designed to quash every kind of abhorrent behavior deemed unfit for society is covered in the afforementioned rules,and a massive apparatus is enacted to hold you and force your brain to change so that you can control the behavior which is harming or hampering the daily action's of society at large.My next zines will be exploring personal experiences in and out of the clutch of these dreaded institutions.It is a serious challenge producing pages within the confines of institution's.That's one of the primary problem's i have with alot of zine people;the challenges facing people who have no access to the outside world.Alot of people with important thing's to say,viewpoint's or life lesson's that you can't get without experiencing the trauma of supression,or the mistakes of poor judgement and bad decision's that lead to homelessness,drug abuse,violence and the like.It's important to me that those dreg's of society,and faceless locked up,medicated and harassed problem's are given the same access and publication of communication as everyone else.People don't know how lucky they are to have access to communication in the form of printed word or electronic media.It's a form of communication,a network,an expression of humanity and art from a segment of society that need's a voice.It's easy to look down at someone in jail or the psych ward,but it's hypocritical to protest the government and affect an attitude of contempt for society,yet join them when they judge and condemn other's.Alot of people are put away for good reason's,and deserve everything they get.But blindly accepting the judgement of a society or government we profess to hate doesn't make sense.Theres several form's of justice,retribution,and reform,and questioning these assumption's is what i hope to do in this blog and the zines that will be released when i am.The challenges faced with putting out a zine are a thousandfold under normal circumstances,so it stands to reason that the ones facing me these next couple of month's should make for some interesting stuff.I am especially going to be concentrating on reforming,and what should be an especially corny section on sobriety and drug testing.I've been across the country over 100 times on the road,and written and illustrated it all in zines,yet this journey i am embarking on now is the wierdest one yet-trying to un-fuck up my life and somehow straighten out the problem's that have led to awakening the security apparatus of the government's control program.Plus,at least it's taken me down a notch,and reigned in my button pushing,adrenaline fueled rant's that everyone took too seriously.

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