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Recent Poems written in late September 2012

Poems written in late September 2012
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[poem notes in brackets like this]


1. [a quatro]

stars between
home and town

2. [the best paintings do - but how I don't know]

my best paintings
at a certain point
cross a line
where magic seeps in

3. [From the bestiary collection of poems]

the circling bird
finds his wind


the snow falls
and stays and stays.
spring comes -
it evaporates.

5. [Another from the bestiary collection]

shows the girls
he can shine
like the Moon


I can see stars
further than the Moon
and now I know
there are more further out.


all that's left
of the ruins
is the facade

8. [One of a series on mystical Blue Mountain]

Pilgrims who climb Blue mountain
are rightly pleased with themselves
but then they swat away the flies
that got their ahead of them!

9. [based on a cartoon caption by Tim Haggerty]

It's a short story
about a woman
who wants to write a novel
but doesn't have the time

10. [religious poem]

day is done
the grave yard is dark
the sky above
is full of stars


Shouldn't a period at the end of a novel be bigger than the others?

Good solutions are easy. Getting them through the wall of thick headed stubbornness - impossible.

One guitar in the 'as good as a band' style

Tom Hendricks

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