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My new Real Madness Comics #5, Last Issue hasn't been selling that much. I still have 2 copies left. Its got 2 stories in it, tying up the loose ends from previous Real Madness Comics. The first is the conclusion of Fuck That Shit, from RM#1. The whole 5 issue series was printed up by Tim @ Teenage Dinosaur. When we first started, it was back in 2002 or so. I was working as a bouncer/doorguy, and Tim came and tracked me down. This led to the best comic I'd done in awhile, Crouching Skinhead Cat/Hidden Uzi Duck. I was printing up my comics sporadically, just putting out 10 or 20 copies and giving them away to my freinds back then.I figured I was retired. But then, when Tim said he'd put out a real comic for me, I figured why not? I was living in this crappy one room over on Killingsworth and Albina, blackout drinking every night. I didn't even have a cellphone-you had to yell through this crack in the bricks by the alley to buzz my pad. I was coming down off the mega meth binge from hell. It was my first pad I'd had in years.I was working at the bouncer gig, at this blues bar breaking up fights at the pool table and stopping cougars from getting date raped.Then I'd go clean bars drunk till the sun came up.I missed doing dope though,so I decided every time I wanted to do some speed,I'd just work on my comic about doing speed.In reality,it was kind of humbling being strung out on crank.Everybody always treats tweakers like shit-fuck,now that I'm straight,even I do-I just beat ones head in with a flashlight last week.But really,they just make an easy target.Drug addiction is a handicap-its a mental problem.The social and psychological factors that lead to someone being strung out on drugs are pretty great.There should be at least a little empathy towards the lowly,scummy piece of shit drug addicts that clog our system like so much debris.Like,I was homeless working at Montage' 49 hours a week.I was depressed-alone.That speed really helped me out.Since then,I've cleaned up,and I dont blame people for treating me like shit.But the few who had hope in me and helped me get straight are the ones I really respect.I just think its weird that something like Punk or the Zine Community,thats supposed to be so fucking counterculture,can all just gang up and hate on people that have drug problems.Thats not counter culture-thats being a conservative asshole.Instead of further alienating these victems and shutting them out,we should be helping them,like Tim did with helping me get my comics out.

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