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real madness 4 and the daily struggle

well real madness comics 4 is almost done.im really psyched,i been putting alot of work into it.ive been working on it for way too long.the printing hopefully will be handled by tim @ teenage dinosaur.he is really cool to work with.hes my art pimp,as dylan says.i am always really grateful to people who print my art.i barely have my shit together enough to draw it,and im really bad with people.im constantly getting in fights,so i need someone who can talk to stores and shit like that.zines are a constructive way for my art to be seen.otherwise i would be doing graff,or something else bad to get noticed,is the way i look at it.before i met tim,all i had was my "i spray,you pay either way" program.that was where i asked to sell my art,zines or t shirts in your store,and if you said no i spraypainted a mural on it every night.i feel kind of beourgious' having someone do all the distro etc.,but hes already set up for it,so it works out great.i did the same thing with wow cool.anyways,the art is really cool,and i should have 2 awesome guest artists doing the inside covers,janelle,who ive been trading art/zines with since 1910,and tim root,whos crazy art is pretty organic.inside its got the first installment of my Adolf Hitler vs Abraham Lincoln story,which is a symbolic statement on politics,division,and the inner turmoil we all face sometimes.there is also alot of 1 page comics skewering things i hate,like religion,fake punks,old people,and young people.one thing i think that will set this zine apati is hardcore porn.i got strung out on chrystal meth last year,and my girlfriend kicked me out.when i was spun out i drew all this crazy porn.i took all the best shit and put it into a 14 pg comic.its called bondage sluts a go-go,and theres no penises in it whatsoever.everybody hates men,so it should be great.i hope i have some to sell at the zinefest.im going with a black and white cover this time.i dont know why-maybe so its easier to bootleg.after this ill do one more issue of this name.i usually have another comic going at the same time,a less planned one to keep my hand loose,on 8 1/2 by 11 paper.that i reduce down to half size for too small comics.those are sold by last gasp,the same guys who printed the freak brothers,im proud to say.really just to see my shit put out,and being read is what i dig.at school or whatever i was always critisized about subject matter in my art,and kicked out.im glad i have friends and fans in the zine scene to read my shit and comment on it.im even glad people want to boycott it sometimes,really,because it means it has some impact.i tried to spend an hour or two on each page.ill post some pics of it on this site,if they let me stay on it.

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