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Reaction/thoughts in response to Pimpkillah: The Protector (An Introduction to Pimpkillah)


I recently received and read Pimpkillah: The Protector (An Introduction to Pimpkillah) , a zine/story written by Sarah Bitely and illustrated by Christina Mirani. This story is about (and narrated by) lead character Sloane Stone who helps and protects people at an AIDS clinic and in the surrounding lands of Africa.


And then I re-read it. And then I re-read it again.


Pimpkillah:The Protector (An Introduction to Pimpkillah) is raw, confident, fiercely feminist, not afraid to not necessarily please everybody, not afraid to offend and/or confuse. The intuitive instinctual presence  and activity of its lines and more lines are making me think of lionesses, especially the lioness-like strength and command of Sloane (that "Get the shovel'-moment = panel of taking-it-to-the-next-level awesome ). And for all of these qualities, I like it.


There's a nameless bald male character in this zine whose changing appearance can cause this zine's other characters and its readers to question (and/or become more aware of) the ease and difficulty of labelling anyone as innocent, guilty, victim, victimizer, something between those extremes, and maybe also something outside of those spectra. Provocatively nice. More specifically, there's a panel in which the character Sloane stands behind the bald man, and yet the bald man appears non-hungrily different from the ways he looked a few panels back. Could her nearness to her target turn her target into a complacently chump-like dead person who does not yet know that he is dead? I don't know; perhaps, (and that's part of the fun of reading this zine) I think I would like to think yes.


Also while reading it, the intensity and violent nature of it actually weirdly got me to think about the domestic violence case and controversial neck tattoo involving Chris Brown; another reason why this zine is relevant.


Bonus points cool:


Pimpkillah's storytelling and characters are strong enough to make me consider who could be voicing the characters. For Sloane Stone, I've thought of Gina Carano (from Haywire), Rashida Jones, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead. For the bald guy with the knife, I've thought about Samuel L. Jackson and Laurence Mason (who played Tin-Tin from The Crow) and even Vincent Gallo (Billy Brown from Buffalo 66). (If anyone appreciates any of the previously mentioned actresses and actors and films (and Thelma & Louise too), then Pimpkillah is definitely worth checking out.)  Anyone else have (better? more appropriate?) casting (and/or soundtrack) suggestions ?

 And for more info regarding Pimpkillah check out: http://www.pimpkillah.com/

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