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Listening to: NOFX 2000-2006, Copy Scams demo

Drinking: peach-mango Kool Aid, which is the color of my pee when I drink a whole slurpee so let's move on

Pondering: half size or quarter size?!, how the bleep i'm going to collate and copy this new mini

I have sadly dropped behind on letters and trades again, which bites but I'm promising myself I'm going to get caught back up tomorrow night. I'm hoping to go to the flea market on Sunday and finally buy those talking Picard & Riker action figures that have been hanging out there in their original packaging for like five years now. I got the new issue of Revolver just for the Marilyn Manson pin-ups so I pinned those up this evening then took a nap and that's about as productive as I've been lately. Which is actually sort of a huge bummer.

Right now I'm actually in the middle of a bunch of stuff again, which makes me feel great on one level but mostly just feel like I'm having my soul slowly yanked out of my ears and I'm powerless to stop it. I want to curl up in bed with an endless stream of Maury and sleep for fifty years.

I'm in pre-production on my next zine and I'm really hung up on what size I want it to be, but I think I maybe just figured that out so I should probably stop panicking and actually go work on the writing or something. But right now I'm also knee-deep in the middle of this micro-mini, so I should probably finish that too. Then I'm going to go to maybe collate it depending on how late it is and then go to Kinko's cuz I have to photocopy some crap out of my old notebook for the new main project (I'm actually about to move to a new notebook, so this is going to get pretty awkward for a while) and that's my Friday night. On OKCupid they want you to put in what you do on a Friday night? Yeah. I don't get any dates with this.

Next week's gonna be slammed, between HH shows and doctor's appointments and Foxy Shazam and houseguests and the Used new print runs of everything because I ran out again, so I'm hoping to maybe make it all the way to next Sunday without dropping over dead.

Baby steps.



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Comment by Betty on April 1, 2012 at 4:45pm

I consider flea market digging productive, so your attempt to self-deprecate has been thwarted. *K-POW!* I'm totally closing my laptop after I type this to do that stuff that I don't want to do. Also, SO glad the Copy Scams tape is full of goodness. I shall order it on Le Thursday. Also, I'm totally excited to hear you have more stuff on the horizon. (no pressure...taptaptaptaptaptap...lol. no really. try to enjoy the grueling process.)

Comment by crapandemic on April 1, 2012 at 4:34pm

Do yer stuff!! C'mon, you can doooo eeeet!!! (I'm not one to talk...I spent the morning digging through the flea market for those action figures YEP ROLE MODEL OF PRODUCTIVITY HERE)

and the Copy Scams demo is omg so cute. So much awesome giggly lo-fi pop punk zine-related goodness.

Comment by Betty on April 1, 2012 at 4:27pm

Sounds way more productive than I'm being in the face of all the shite I've got to get done. Also, what is the Copy Scams demo like? It is sitting in my Etsy queue, just waiting for me to order eeeet already.


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