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Well,I hit the Portland Zine Symposium Saturday A.M.,and it was kill.I didn't have any new shit,so I filled my backpack with Real Madness Comics 4 and a stack of old Nerd Burglars I got for doing a comic in.I took my daughter down there with me,and I think she was probably the youngest person there.I got some ill trades-I didn't have to spend a dime.Plus she got a bunch of free stickers,including some Hello Kitty tattoos.Tim Root,a sick artist in his own right,had a table and gave me his new WET WIG comic,which is 4 whole pages long,and mostly pics of tripped out wastoids what got no heads.I hit the BITCH table,and got some free postcards for my baby mama Mara.Then this girl/person from Virginia traded me for her long diary type zine My Summer Vacation,which turned out great,and is a mix of writing and art.I got a copy of Pizza,a zine which is all about pizza!Crazy,huh?Did you know your choice of toppings tells alot about your personality?I didn't.I got a copy of Zine Crush 3,with a story by me,and a comic of people from OKCupid-which always makes me wonder,when people make fun of it,do they realize they're admitting to using it too?Its a great issue though,especially my story.Then I got Salt on Everything #2,which has some cool photos and comics and writing.Russian Sounds was a free mini zine where this person wrote down all the songs she heard on her trip to I think Moscow.Mikey Anderson traded me a tripped out Simpsons Zombie Zine with great art,that I'm gonna give to Tim.Whatever Saves looks cool,but I haven't read it yet.I met the guy who puts out Rad Dad,and he gave me a copy,and I talked to him about trying to contribute something to it,either writing or illustration,at some later date.Plus,I also got a copy of I LOVE SODA,which is,oddly enough,a zine all about soda,the tasty beverage enjoyed by many.I actually asked the publisher if she really loved soda-"yes" was her reply.All in all,I'd say that zine is...refreshing.So it was a great morning,and I majorly scored out,which is great because I needed some new reading material.My kid ran around like a psychotic maniac and nobody cared,which also was great.All in all,it seemed really successful,and renewed my girlfriend Mara's faith in non-corporate art.I was glad I hit it,and am especially thankful people had so much shit to trade.

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Comment by bobby madness on August 18, 2013 at 12:31am

Yeah,that was me throwing my kid in the air.I wish I knew what you looked like,I would have said hi.Yeah,it was a good scene,first zine fest in forever.I thought I split early,but my friends said it was the longest they'd ever seen me stay.

Comment by Kari Tervo on August 13, 2013 at 10:34pm

Sounds like a great time, and a great haul! Thanks for the recap.

Comment by Krissy Ponyboy Press on August 13, 2013 at 7:07pm

I saw you and your daughter running around, but didn't realize it was you until later. Glad you had a good time. 

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