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Prounouncing visual kei band names in Japanese

ディルアングレイ - Dir en grey : Diru an gurei : Deeru an guu-ray-ee (When said correctly in Japanese it pretty much just sounds like you're stretching out the English pronunciation of Dir en grey. Note: if in English you pronounce DER en grey, that is wrong, it is pronounced closed to DEER en grey, which is how "Diru" in Japanese is just sounding like a stretched-out "Dir".)

マリス・ミゼル - Malice Mizer : Marisu Mizeru : Maa-dee-su Miza-ru (do not pronounce the "-d" so much. It's Maa-ree-su really but in Japanese those r's sound more like "d". Watch an interview from Gackt-era and hear him say "Marisu Mizeru", and it is therefore we say it like Gackt-san >____<)

モワディスモワ - Moi dix Mois - Mowa disu Mowa - (almost just like it!) Mowa disu m-wa

ヴェルサイユ : Versailles : Ver-sai-yuu (I am guessing slightly on this. I can't seem to find romaji for it. Apologies.)

I will add more bands, just want to put this up quickly now.... (=u=)//

Many foreign names/words put into Japanese...you can just add lots of vowels/omit harder consonants, unless they are already "official" words.

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