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Been reading a lot of really good zines lately. Been tempted to start reviewing them, but then I wonder - do we really need another opinionated voice, tainted by personal taste; does anyone other than the zinester herself (or himself) care what I think about a zine?

Anyway, it's been refreshing and cathartic to read people's personal experiences, presented in a somewhat careful and artistic format, especially when they to some extent mirror my own sentiment. A copy of 14 (purchased from Sticky Mail Order) was particularly poignant because I could relate to all of those feelings and thoughts, despite not having quite as many lovers.

And Jolie Noggle's contribution to the i knew a motherfucker like you and she said #2 compilation struck quite a chord too, because I did much of my adolescent growing up on the internet. I know from the outside how that kind of bitch-on-bitch drama looks, and it was really interesting to read someone's view of it from the inside. I'd be even more interested to read an article by the drama-starter herself, if she was the sort to admit to the events that happened and talk about her motivations. That's awfully patronising of me, I know.

It's Friday today and I had a couple of beers at lunch with my workmates. I'm frightened that one day, the place where we all work may unwittingly become a faceless, soulless corporation. Perhaps my paranoia is unfounded - after all, the founder and managing director started this company in a garage in this very city - but my still childlike-and-idealistic mind (which admittedly, has become somewhat cynical because of unmet fairytale expectations) is constantly surprised to learn how prevalent the "just because" attitude is in modern society. And I don't want it to be prevalent here.

Life is about negotiation, but we so readily give our personal power away, thinking it's the right thing to do. I'm not being socialist or communist - forget ideology and segregation for a second - I'm just... afraid. I don't want to give up real life, and I feel sad for those who have.

Anyway, I'm ranting now. The reason I started writing this was because I caught the sharing mood after finishing a message to Kira Swales about her (his?) zine, Exploding the Myth. Good zine, that. I can't call it compelling - like, I don't feel hungry for more while reading it - but it's very easy to pick up and relate to. Very easy to understand. It's one person's life, humbly presented and nicely told. It's also made me think about things like real life vs the corporate ideal, happiness vs prestige, friendship vs social romanticism - all of that stuff that I thought I'd stopped thinking about years ago. If you could consider a stapled pile of paper a friend, Exploding the Myth would be one you'd catch up with for coffee every couple of months.

Bye bye now.

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