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Portland Zine Symposium 2012 at Compound secretly profit's Racist Anti Abortion Forces

i didn't make it to the shitty,stupid,fucking sellout fake zinefest last year.neither did dylan.he had a good reason,but mine is better-it SUCKED SHIT.i was at work,for one.if your a member of we make zines,work is a place you go when you grow up and pay bill's-you'll find out about it later.anyway's,though,how do i know it was a horrible travesty and a crime against the zine community(which also sucks)?well,first off'it was located in Compound,a fucking stuffy,sellout capitalist dump that should be razed.it's this crappy warehouse some wannabe 1% fucking rich pig assholes bought,and in an attempt to fleece young people of thier money they COULD have spent on your zine,the owners hijacked the zinefest and stuck it in this sickening horrible shithole dump that should be soaked in gasoline and destroyed with them in it.this same concentration camp for ideas,this scam,this fucking Compound,held a concert on New Years last year.who played?Vagabond Opera.who are they?well,they are a band that employ's none other than the head of the young gay republican's group.this fucking asshole actually got the republican's to tone down thier anti gay rhetoric so they can get elected-and ban abortion,roll back civil rights,pollute the earth,and i hate you.why is the zinefest at the same place that helps ban abortion?because some assholes want your money,since they want to double thier investment on thier corporate warehouse(it say's on the website it's perfect for corporate events).it ruined the zinefest-tim goodyear told me so,and he said i could use his name because THE PORTLAND ZINEFEST SUCKED SO FUCKING BAD.it was ruined by the p.c. pigs who rationalize everything they do with bullshit theories,but diminish everything we do,because we're not rich enough or educated enough to make it in thier bullshit world.there is a bar there,and the drinks were weak as fuck-more profit's for the fake zine scene thieves.it was an "insider" industry scene last year-a stuck up,exsclusive,booshwah fucking travesty,lined up by power mad,profit oriented asshole bastards,ruining real creativity,forcing the minorities,the outsider's,and the real gears and gut's of the zine scene farther into the margins.why?so they can replace it with thier white,whitewashed bland version of culture,and take the money that should have gone to someone who needed it.they could have had it in the park,or a community center-or (gasp),a mexican or black neighborhood that could have used the income and sharing of ideas,but fuck no-they had it in thier controllable,profitable shithole jail,like mommy and daddy paid for them too.that's why the scene will die,because compound and the hater exsclusive non risk taking shitheads at compound and the portland zine symposium want all the money and all the recognition,so they can pay back thier loan's with your hard earned money.someone please stop these parasites from destroying our network's,our soul's,our lives and our very fibres of being-before they enslave us and destroy us.

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Comment by bobby madness on March 13, 2012 at 7:23am

thanx,bro,not a problem.i'm a jerk all the time.i've been straightedge since february 18th,which is something i'm new at that you have alot of experience at,so maybe you can give me some advice.on the other hand,i've been a jerk for a really long time,so....

Comment by DruglessxF on March 11, 2012 at 10:00am
Well, let me start off with saying sorry. You're right, you're not a sucker. My bad. :(

Maybe some of the other new jacks have no respect, but I got nothing but respect for what has come before. When I came across that Cometbus issue you drew, I was a teenager. (No, not last week, haha) But I thought, damn, this is amazing. This is what it can be like when things are really working out great. It was a landmark of storytelling that I haven't forgotten. Work like that made me want to make zines in the first place.

Yo, someone will always need to shake things up. I'm glad that you are enough to do that--- most folks just give up. I'm sorry I was too slow to pick up on it. Dylan would have been able point it out right away.

Also, I am worried about zines as well; I'm going to give the "old guy" complaint: "It wasn't like what we had then". I am out of the loop for the PZS this year, which kind of sucks. I got all caught up in school, and I'm trying to take the next step. This is my last year at PCC Cascade, and I got caught up things like studet government and student newspapers. I couldn't do zine stuff this year, which also really sucks. I worry about the zine fest, too, but it's out of my hands for this year, at least.

Anyways, I just wanted to say that I have respect for your work, and so your original post stung me, I guess. But I see where you're coming from now. Sorry for being a jerk.
Comment by bobby madness on March 11, 2012 at 7:01am

thanks for telling me what i can and can't do.you know,maybe i was just taking an extremist viewpoint,to piss people off for the fuck of it.obviously,my writing style is tongue in cheek,purposefully misguided,and absolutely not serious.it's a pathetic attempt to forment discussion,and question the zine world's acceptance of the status quo.would anyone have read or commented on a blog titled "portland zine symposium-not my cup of tea,but fun for some"?i doubt it.plus,i and a few other zine people who have contributed alot of time over the years feel alienated and hated by new school zine publishers and teachers with an insider attitude toward's the small press scene as a whole.self appointed authorities on zines,with money and backup are often inaccesable and stuck-up,and it's not cool.plus,as someone who work's at several music venues in the city of portland,i've heard alot of complaint's about Compound,which refer's to itself as corporate in it's promotional material.that,to me,seem's like a poor representation of small press and zines.it is stupid for me to bitch about it,without helping-dylan pointed this out to me when i said "they should have something they've never had at PZS-like black people".but i AM stupid,and feel alienated and marginalized by the snarkiness of the afforementioned scene.anyway's,thank's for the compliment on my comic,i'm NOT a sucker,and my writing is DEFINITELY of the ridiculously stupid rant variety-the point being,mostly,that extremism is a vice,and just as unhelpful from my viewpoint as yours

Comment by DruglessxF on March 10, 2012 at 7:04am
Thanks, dude.

Your issue of Cometbus was cool.
But you don't get to come at wih me with "don't talk down to me" after a rant like that.
Comment by bobby madness on March 10, 2012 at 6:55am

Dylan personally told me the worst thing about the zinefest was it's location."I don't know about gay republican's,or whatever"?You sound like someone in Austria in 1946-"I don't know about work camp's,or whatever"...Why don't you use that laissez-faire attitude when dealing with,say,Microcosm Publishing?Because of your double standard-plus,your racist.But,i'll just treat you like a friend who shows up on Heroin and shit's in my grandmother's mouth.Don't talk down to me-period.Your stunted vocabulary exemplifies your obvious lack of intelligence.Did the pouty,sensitive honky cut up his own widdo bagel?Oh,wow,what a saint!Such a boon to the community!How did YOUR issue of Cometbus turn out,junior?love-Sucker

Comment by DruglessxF on March 9, 2012 at 6:29pm

Well, dude.....

I don't speak for the 2012 PZS, but I did sink the last 5 years of my life into it, including last year. I'm going to have to read this in best possible way you can take it as you would when a friend shows up to your place black out drunk and pisses on your couch.

The Compound picked up the PZS after we went shopping for a venue that would meet all of our diverse needs -- tabling space, rooms for workshops, handicapped accessibility, and a more reasonable price tag than what we were getting with PSU in recent years. We looked around for a long time, and while we don't know every single building in Portland, it began to feel like we did. It was great at PSU when we were considered a student club event, but that evaluation changed a few years ago, and it doesn't look like it will be coming back anytime soon.

I don't know about gay Republicans, or whatever, but I do know about how I feel when someone talks about Dylan like that. Can't say I approve, and I don't give a shit what makes you think you got the right.

Yeah, there was a bar, but we didn't have no booze. You would know that if you'd shown up. That's where I was at, though, cutting up free bagels, cleaning up after people all damn day. You know how much I made? Zero. Tips? They went in the big donations bucket for the event. I don't have money, sucker. I have a day job and I pay my rent and community college tuition on time, if just barely. Yo, I even put on my pants one at a leg time, for real.

Also: almost nobody knows who the hell I am, and that's fine with me. I got into zines for zines' sake, surely not for money or fame.

Anyways, if you hate this shit that fucking bad, you might as well put your effort where your mouth is and do something about it. Get your ass up and volunteer, as all of us have. Complaining might mean that you care, but action makes it matter.

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