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The grow house was only 350 buck's a month.It got shot up by some Rollin 60's awhile ago.If you sat on the porch,junkies would hit you up for money and smokes,so they got a pit bull.It was 3 blocks off Alberta Street.They had another one a couple block's down-there were 10 1000 watt light's in each basement.Even I wouldn't live in them,so they just sat there,empty.We hung out there and partied,to make it seem like people lived there.Portland was different then-at least for me.Me and about 5 of my friends from New York had moved there,and we stuck to ourselves.The local's were like gun-totin' redneck's to us.The Mulegata Seraw case had just wrapped up,and the skinhead's were on the run.As a matter of fact,a few of my friend's who dressed like skinhead's got beaten down by protester's.Downtown was cool.Dr.Bill's Learning Center sold wierd book's and needles and curio's on Burnside Street.He had cool book's.There was Ozone record's on 10th and Burnside,which sold zines,shirt's and record's and tapes.There was a store called Local's Only,that sold only locally made record's and book's.There was some cool show's usually,mostly at Satyricon,which was the only punk club.I used to go there because it reminded me of CBGB.There was a metal club on 4th,Eli's,which was,like,poodle central.I remember when I first got here,my friend's told me there was all these mexican drug dealer's downtown.I needed some pot (it was in between harvest's,and no matter how much I begged they would only give me leaf),so I walked around looking.Soon,some guy came up and said,"Chiva?",which mean's heroin in hispanish.I thought he said,"Cheebah",which is what they call weed in New York.So I said,"Yeah!Got 20?",and he spit this balloon in my hand.I was like,what the fuck?My friends had to explain to me it was black tar heroin.I didn't know!The X-Ray cafe' was down Burnside Street toward's the bridge,and I seen some show's there,The Frances Farmer Gal's,and Sissyface and shit like that.When I first arrived,all the band's sounded like Nirvana and The wiper's.Later on,they all sounded like The Pixies.I had just finished drawing Madsoul for WOW COOL,and I was starting the Cometbus all Madness issue at this time.My brother lived out in Saint John's,which was white trash coolness back then.A couple times they had to sleep in the bathtub because of gun fight's outside.It was a fucking bullet festival back then.Kept the rent's down,we figured.The Old Dirty Bastard album just came out.The internet wasn't big yet.It was a really long time ago.

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