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Poems Written Late January 2011
Three young detectives
dedicated sleuths,
searching through the mansion
for telltale clues.
Searched the attic
up the rickety stairs.
Searched the 2nd floor
and every bedroom there.
Searched the ground floor
and the basement too.
Dank smells
but no clues.
Then floats a feather
as a door slams!
"The beloved pet bird,
but where has he gone?"
Three young detectives,
dedicated sleuths,
searching through the mansion
for telltale clues.  
(Kids poem)
A far and distant
time and place....
Deep in the cave
was a door to a room.
Walking inside
we both were engrossed
by all seven walls
floor to ceiling
black polished marble.
But stepping back out,
"Where did we enter?"
Each corner a door
that led to a cave.
Each looked the same
yet was different.
Each led a way
different from the next.
Six were wrong.
One was correct...
The old country was not old.
But it was called that because
so many people had lived there,
so many departed had tucked some part of
their spirits into nooks and crannies
that were left for those who follow such clues -
like adding another wave to the ocean.
I eat my peas with glue.
   They're none the worse
   and of course
They stick to the spoon.
(kids poem)
Birds have roads too.
(Corporate band.)  I hear that wherever they go, they sell out! 
X:  Time's a River
Y: No its a whirlpool
(Change a few words and ....)
Ask not what Big Brother can do for you! Ask what you can do for Big Brother!
They put glasses on that store manikin! You'd think if they could make a manikin, they could make one that could see!
I called my daughter Dot, my son Dash!
Tom Hendricks 
(editor of the 18 year old zine Musea)
ZINE, Named one of the best ZINES by UTNE magazine. Featured on ROCKETBOOM)
MUSIC, 5 full CD's of free Post-Bands Music)
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