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Poems written in March 2012
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[poem notes in brackets like this]

1 [Rainy day poem]

It's cloudy,
but the Moon
will return."

My hand
pulls the shades
and muffles
the rain.

2 [Idea from a Zen story]

the pail of water
held the Moon.
it's reflection bobbing
on the surface.

the weight was heavy.
the bottom fell out.
I watched as it slowly
leaked away.

3 [Animated rocks!]

the statue was stone
yet more friendly than some -
opened for all
with no appointment.


this path
has a mind of its own.
sometimes it'll take you there,
and sometimes it won't

5 [Inspired by an ancient poem by An-Jen]

the boy in the boat so far away
picks up his umbrella and opens it
not to block out the pouring rain
but to catch the blowing wind!

6 [Kid's Poem - needs illustrations]

"Bell the Cat,"
said the Mouse
"So we will know
when he's about."

"Bell the Mouse,"
said the Cat
"So I can find just
where he's at."

7 [Adaptation Poem!]

I'll paint me a parrot
any colors I want
and somewhere in the jungle
there's one to match

8 [This poem is virtually a verbatim quote from the classic on "Mysticism
by Evelyn Underhill - mostly 4 beats to the line]


Transcendental matters are, for most of us,
always beyond the margins because
most of us give up our consciousness
to the occupation of the senses
and permit them to construct a universe
where we are contented to remain.

In certain states - recollection, contemplation,
ecstasy, and their allied conditions,
does the self continue to turn out
the usual tenants,

shut the gateways of the flesh and let
those submerged powers that can pick up
messages from another plane of being,
have their turn.

Then it is the sense world
which retreats beyond the margins
and another landscape that rushes in.


My computer is a little old. It still has tubes.

When this politician sings, he proves he is lying about pitch too.

If you are going to draw a dragon, draw it with smoke, draw it with fire!

You know I must be a good writer. I've never won a literary contest.

Great paintings are not sloppy, but they aren't prissy either.

For every good idea there are ten thick skulls to block it.

She wanted Chinese. I wanted Mexican. We met in the middle and had seafood.

Tom Hendricks
(editor of the 19 year old zine Musea)
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