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Poems Written in late December 2010
[This is also notable for me for being my 7,700 poem ]
The flayed swaying rope
dangling from the tower
no longer tolls a bell.
Instead at night
there's a low low fluttering
from the wings of bats.
"The Glittering And Vast
Hall of Fate"
said the sign
on the shiny brass door.
I expected to see
one spinning wheel.
Instead there were gears
from wall to wall.
Science is like
Zeno and his turtle.
This good theory
is half way closer
(and the next one right,
is half closer still.)
In the hinterlands
people are isolated -
keep to themselves
... too much.
See things from
out of thin air,
trap revelations
stuck in the wind,
speak in tongues
never before spoken,
write down words
in misplaced order,
eat food scrambled
and seldom well cooked,
hear tree voices
coming from the forests,
see foot prints
in sand and water,
hammer up structures
with no meaning,
laugh at fate
that's no longer there,
sleep to get
away from dreaming.
(Enteric Nervous System)
Now we have
a 2nd brain,
not the ghost 
in the machine.
Wang Wei / Deer Park (my version)
The hills are empty.
no one's in sight.
And yet in the air
the sounds of voices.
The rays of  sunlight
pierce the forest
where green moss lurks
on the far side.
Looking within is like 
a great trek in a vast forest
where half way in you change directions
and begin to walk back out.
The Pessimist (My version of the Anonymous Poem)
Nothing to do but work.
And nothing but sleep after that.
Nowhere to go but out.
Nowhere to come but back.
(Based on lines by Thomas Hood)
What a town of gossips!
Every secret they tell.
I went and told the Priest and he
went and toll'd the bell!
Fog is a cloud that's lost its way.
The revolution is here, the media is there

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