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Poems written in early July,  2011 
[poem notes in brackets like this]
1 [too many libraries are selling away all their books that aren't bestsellers or videos]
These libraries
are empty spaces
how can so many books
say so little
better to enter
a well lit room
empty of clutter.
2. [This and the next are poems that will be a part of a large sci-fi work called 'Writings In Science' that I'm working on - the premise is this - it  is a selection of science writings salvaged from earth in it's last days millions of years from now]]
Towards the center
of our galaxy
things get crowded
we feel hemmed in
so by decree
it was declared
1 to a planet
5 to a star
land and survey
build your home
set up a garden
invite your friends.
3. [Writings in Science entry]
They treat me
like some kind of pet
leaving me till
some leisure time
then yanking my leash
to get a reaction
are they so unaware
to not see my hatred
waiting for the moment
to in turn yank back?
4. [Children's poem for my kid's poem collection "Moon Tea"
Put some chocolate
   in your pocket
see how long
   it takes to melt
5.  [love poem in the Chinese manner]
Across the way ...
one light still on ...
is it the girl I long for
pining alone for me?
6. [A poem for my bestiary collection]
do you like to doze
on the nose
of the crocodile?
7. [Nonsense verse]
I gathered all the animals
into a joint conference
little knowing the problems that
invitation caused
the uninvited plants held
a rival convention and
the fungi felt betrayed and signed
a symbiotic treaty
together with the one cells
who were a little miffed too.
and outside all the meetings
the world was unquiet
the oceans murmured,
the land shifted
and the planet shaken,
kept  spinning
A narrow mind in a fat head!
Title for a painting:  This is not a Magritte
Art S Revolutionary says, "When you rate films by sales instead of quality, you are really rating their promotional campaign.
Even if all the world was an ocean, we'd invent ports.
Tom Hendricks
(editor of the 19 year old zine Musea)
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