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Perth zine scene and mélange #3 update

What a lovely surprise to see this community thriving still, as the last time I was here, it was possibly going to shut down because of Ning fees. Yeah, that’s how long it’s been. Hi, everyone. J I hope you’ve been well.


A couple years ago, I did an email interview with grrrlzines and they asked me what the zine scene was like in Perth. Back then, there was no zine scene, just a handful of scattered individuals who enjoyed playing with paper and glue, and the odd indie shop that stocked on consignment.


Now, there’s not only a scene, but a culture; two official, name-able ‘Perth distros’ and a more-than-a-month long residency at the local indie art gallery. It’s very cool. It’s the sort of thing that made me wish I was more of a scene person, as I gaze ever envious at people who are both creative and sociable. I can’t do it – but it warms my heart to know they can.


Nichole remarked last year that she felt out of place in the zine s... I wonder if I suffer from the same complexes, but know for sure that I’m most comfortable doing my own thing in my own space. To the point now where I’d shy away from a night at the pub to tend to my new worm farm. Beh… I feel bad not being more community oriented. I’m grateful that I can use the, “I’m 30, I’m old,” excuse to be content and boring.


mélange #3 is still in progress. This is the third restart now, because the previous 80% completes didn’t feel right. Maybe it’s pretentious to play the part of ‘distraught artist wanting to get things just right’, but eh, whatever. My work ain’t so great, but investing my time and effort means I want to feel good at the end of it. I think I’ve found the right angle this time (just like all the other times), so we’ll see.


Thank you to the folk who have emailed kind words and feedback about my zines so far. J I got a lovely message from someone who picked up a copy of my little room at the PICA residency last month. Perthies, remember to head down to PICA to check out the zines. I have to find a way down there too, as I’ve not even been yet. :( Maybe we can go together. :)

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Comment by Nichole on November 25, 2011 at 8:53pm

When you have a new issue, I totally want a copy.


I have realized that I do fit in with the zine community, in that I have a story to tell. My story. And once I put behind me the expectations of writing something like everyone else, I realize that not only am I happy with the things I've put out, but that people actually are wanting to read the stories I really want to tell.


Hope all is well with you, lovely.


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