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Once upon a time in a suburb around the corner,lived a girl in a little white house.Her name was Mary and she lived there with her parents. Here I would say 'peacefully' or even go to the length to say they were'normal'. But they weren't, at least not the girl. You see, the girl family was respected and well-liked but her father had a bit of a temper.Along with a control freak attitude. And when he wasn't forcing his views and opinions on her, he was getting mad at the world. This didn't stop Mary. She had dreams of a world beyond their sleepy little neighborhood. But,best of all, she had a strong mind of her own.

Which is exactly why she run away,of course.

It all started on a Thursday....

"Why not?" Mary said.

"Because I said so." Her father replied, eyes daring her to ask again.

"You need to do something instead of reading,all day. Act like a girl instead of running around in that damn forest. Make some friends."he said, reading the newspaper

" I have friends." She said,picking at her scrambled eggs.

"Friends that would have a positive influence on you, not those hoodlums you hang out with. They're going to lead you down the wrong road."

shouldn't i be able to pick my own friends? she thought,stuffing her breakfast down her throat.Her mother ,as usual, was silent when she left to go to school. Only a year ago,her father would have demanded he would take her to school. But the Company had moved so he had to drive twice as far to get to work. Her father hated the new location,but Mary deiced it was one of the best things that could happen to her.

She continued walking, but decided to make a quick detour in the woods,which probably make her late but who cares? She loved it there, the ground under her feet, the leaves getting stuck in her auburn hair, the smell. She thought she knew the forest so well. Thought she knew the ins and outs of the lush maze of greenery, convinced herself that she could never get lost in such a place.
But she was wrong.

When Mary finally headed for school, the barrier had weakened. This was normal since the wall between HERE and THERE drew power from the moon. And like it, it waxed and waned. But never had it been broken, and no human had ever entered through.

But that was going to change now.

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