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why, can't my mom's boyfriend not accept me for what i want to be. he can't accept anything about me. why can't he accept that im a vegetarian, i have told all in my family that i am, and they all accept it, except from him! he threat me like a little girl on 2 years old, and that kills me.. im fucking 16 years old man! we discuss every day about me beeing a vegetarian, he just dont understand why. yeah i liked meat once, but things change!!

I hate when he is drunk, he is often, like 3-4 times at week, and im afraid of drunk men, (i think we all are) i hate when he come home from town and say something, then i feel scared and he always say something very weird things to me, and i just feel like to yell him in the head so his brain (if he still got some) come flying out of the other ear *GO AWAY!!!* My mom told me that it was his own problem, and it is, but if she still wants to see me, she have to do something about it! or then im gone, run away or out to travel on my own! "goodbye mom".

BUT! she love, and dont want to lose him, i understand that, cause then she got hurt, and then she have grief. people hate grief and the fear grief! but why? why should we fear it?? i dont understand why? :c
and why is everything changing? :S its going the wrong way, its changing like like when a flower is dying! :( once i had it good with him, now i fear him! help..

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Comment by Race on June 19, 2010 at 11:06pm
it sucks your mum's boyfriend doesn't accept your eating choices.
My grandma nearly had a heart attack when I told her at a family thing. Then she tried to feed me chicken. But they got over it. Hopefully he will too.
Maybe you should talk to your mum about him getting help, cause it's not fair. It impacts on you.
Hope I've been helpful. Inbox me if you want. Good luck.


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