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i haven't made a distro news post in three months! life got away from me. but scope out all the new zines i have in stock!

learning to leave a paper trail zine distro

ciara xyerra
1306 new hampshire st. #2
lawrence KS 66044


new zines
* 8 letters #1--photographs & interviews with all kinds of folks that johnny has met who have knuckle tattoos, including how they chose their tattoos, what kinds of reactions they get from cops, if there are any regrets, etc

* 8 letters #2--because just one zine could never be enough to showcase all the knuckle tattoos in the world, this issue is more of the same, with an addendum on toe tattoos

* chick pea #4/risk oblivious youth #1/2--a lusciously screenprinted split zine in which mary writes about crushes, teaching screenprinting to teenagers, & being a d.i.y. radical party planner, & simone writes about struggling with the deaths of loved ones, traveling, & gentrification

* harlot RN--megan's account of what life is like now that she is a registered nurse for a big city hospital in washington DC, struggling to care for her patients & hold on to the radical ideals that brought her to health care work in the first place, & being her floor's union steward

* hoopla #3--a radical crafting zines from australia, full of essays on reclaiming crafting techniques from our foremothers & re-discovering the hidden political utility in antique crafts, with many feminist cross-stitch sampler illustrations

* i dreamed i was assertive #12--hand-written lists, journal entries, things to do, things observed, & recipes from celia, touching on being a mom to a toddler, trying to snag alone time, & memories of her grandmother

*imaginary windows #4--pocket-sized personal zine from erin, on the theme of being a high femme bicycle commuter in new york city, the lingering importance of documenting your life & leaving a trace, vintage dressing for all bodies & budgets, queer femme invisibility, & more

* lacewing #1--lacy writes about developing & recovering from an eating disorder, surviving an abusive adolescence, finding strength through her grandmother & a new romantic relationship, all typewritten with screenprinted graph paper covers

* next stop adventure #1--recounts matt's very first attempt at a semi-long-distance bike trip, an approximately 200-miles race with a friend, poorly planned with many hilarious foibles along the way

* next stop adventure #2--all about matt's big long-distance bike trip from north carolina to portland, oregon, with stops along the way for a fucked up knee in iowa, quality time in california, & much love for rainer maria, interspersed with matt's beautiful illustrations

* next stop adventure #3--all about the adeventures matt gets up to when he's not riding his bike, including sleeping on roofs, finding porn in the dumpster (& not liking it), & haikus from his big cross-country bicycle trip

* nothing rhymes #5--chelsea's typewritten zine about moving from pittsburgh to providence, becoming a morning person, getting older, & a detailed account of struggling to care for a cat with health problems, & the cat's eventual passing

* rum lad #4--a beautifully-illustrated punk rock perzine with a comic about attending a zine fair in germany, the confusion of growing older in a iub-cultural scene, & an interview with long-time zinester & english show promoter marv

* sick: a compilation zine on physical illness--just like it says, this is a perfect-bound compzine in which many different contributers experiencing many different physical issues, from cancer to chronic migraines to chrohn's, write about what it means to be sick & how to build a community that cares for its physically ill element

* stolen sharpie revolution #2--the second edition of the well-known zine how-to bible, with info on layout, editing, distribution & promotion, mail etiquette, paper crafts, & more, & a huge resource listing for shops, zine libraries, & distros all around the world

* unemployment--aaron smith from "big hands" zine writes about the unsettling & disturbing state of being unemployed, replete with daydream visits from crimethinc founders & complex wage negotiations. with a full-color cover

* your pretty face is going straight to hell #6--tukru's hand- & typewritten account of her boyfriend moving into her counil flat, shopping for housewares, making a relationship work despite not having a lot of money, all spirnkled with photographs, drawings, & children's book illustrations

* your pretty face is going straight to hell #7--in this issue, tukru & her boyfriend travel to finland to visit tukru's family & re-visit some of her old haunts from adolescence, in the form of a well-illustrated travel diary

interviews with matt gauck & mary mack tremonte
if you want to know more about the folks behind "next stop adventure" & "chick pea" zines, check out the distro interview series to check out their answers to the zine-themed questions i posed. matt writes about his passion for biking, writing funny stories for his zines, & doing artwork for d.i.y. punk causes. mary writes about working with teenagers, the importance of sustainable social spaces to foster social change, & radical art. read their interviews & pick up their zines!

subscribe to paper trail zine distro
a subscription is good for a year & costs $50 within the u.s. & $60 everywhere else, & orders can be placed here. for that sum, you get four mailings throughout your subscription years, full of new zines from the catalogue & other treats. in the past, subscribers have received t-shirts, 1" buttons, posters, mix CDs, & more, handmade by me, with some kind of connection to the distro or zines. you can also get a FREE half-subscription (two packages over six months) when you place three orders of eight or more items. this counts all the orders you may have already placed...throughout the distro's entire history, dating all the way back to october 2003, when paper trail first opened!

or you can order a collection
which costs $20 postage-paid anywhere in the world (or $35 for two, or $50 for three). there are three collections to choose from (or mix & match): new additions, hot sellers, & ciara's choices (which currently contains a few items not available through the regular catalogue). each collection is made up of ten zines, & details on which zines are in the collection are on the main page.

sorry for my long silence!
this summer has been too much for me to handle! i tabled the distro at the new york zine fest & the portland zine symposium, traveled to lawrence (kansas) to look for apartments, turned thirty & went whale-watching, packed up my apartment in boston, & spent three days driving halfway across the country with my boyfriend & cat so we could re-settle in lawrence, where my boyfriend is attending graduate school. i have been keeping up with distro orders & new catalogue additions through it all (no hiatuses!), but haven't had a lot of leftover time or energy to write these posts.

i am always accepting new zine for distro consideration! check out my detailed submission info & then send your zine to me at:
ciara xyerra
1306 new hampshire st. #2
lawrence KS 66044
(please note the new address! i don't live in boston anymore!)

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