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paper trail distro carries personal/political zines on topics like reproductive health, mental health, parenting, illness, death, bicycles, traveling, d.i.y. skillsharing, cultural inquiry, queer & trans issues, sex work, anti-racism, feminist issues, &...you get the gist. feel free to send zines for considerations! i'm not interested in poetry, music zines, most comics, or anything racist, sexist, classist, transphobic, & such forth...but if you think you'd fit in, send zines to:

ciara xyerra
12 lincoln ave. #3
somerville ma 02145

there were seven new additions to the catalogue this month, plus distro patches!

* learning to leave a paper trail distro patches--printed using a silkscreen designed by sarah evans depicting a photocopier about to take flight, i have a bunch of patches on different colors of fabric in all kinds of ink colors. patches are about five inches by three inches, maybe a little bigger.

* big hands #7--a triptych zine, addressing the issues of music (being on tour, the nature of failure in the age of "vice magazine), home (cary, north carolina, suburban sprawl), & death (aaron witnesses a car accident)

* shotgun seamstress #1--a zine by & for black punks, with pieces on the difficulties of inter-racial friendship, the "afropunk" documentary, being mistaken for another black punk at a bay area punk show, profiles of famous black weirdos, & more

* shotgun seamstress #2--the history of go-go (a predominately black d.i.y. music form from DC in the 80s), a review of rupaul's autobiography & a celebration of black queer self-love, a resource on women of color in the punk scene, an essay on music producer don letts, interview with andrea rhinestone eagle, & more

* shotgun seamstress #3--the special "money is fake" issue, with stories about traveling on the cheap, a critique of punk rock chosen poverty & classism/racism in the punk/anarchist scene, a profile on photographer alvin baltrop, contentious royalties issues in a punk band, an interview with black queer musician kali boyce, & more (ps--osa was the latest paper trail distro interview subject: read about her thoughts on zine-making & zine culture!

* nothing rhymes #4--a very charming little personal zine about moving away from pittsburgh, learning about individuality from teen magazines, the importance of loving life & appreciating the small things, bookbinding, & zine review

* mental potential & sweet emotions--a resource on alternatives to mainstream psychiatric health care, written by two people who have been learning how to handle their own mental health care themselves, with stories about self-care, getting off meds, what to seek out in a therapist, coping with stigma & family, etc

* telegram ma'am #16--another issue of this evocative personal zine, all about the concept of "home," turning a house into a home through simple living & being comfortable in your own skin, childhood fantasies of home, phantom homesickness, wanting to run away, etc

summer subscriptions are now open! a subscription consists of four packages, mailed one at a time every three months for a year, each one containing a selection of six new zines in the distro, the newest paper newsletter (with full zine description, interviews, etc), & some kind of crafty surprise, like a sampling of 1" pins, or a poster, or a mix tape or something. subscriptions costs $50 in the united states & $60 everywhere else (includes all postage & everything). that's not a bad deal for 24 zines & other zine-related treats! i am now accepting subscriptions starting in july 2009. summer subscribers will receive packages in july, october, january 2010 & april 2010.

you can also qualify for a free half-subscription (two packages over six months) by placing three orders of eight or more zines each.

i also offer zine collections: you can choose from "newest additions" (the ten most recent zines added to the catalogue), "hot sellers" (the ten lifetime bestsellers currently available), & "ciara's choice" (a sampling of ten zines that could use a little love & attention). each collection costs $20 anywhere in the world, postage-paid. & prices go down if you order two or more collections at once. you can see what is currently in each collection, & order collections, subscriptions, & crafts here.

the boston skillshare will be held this year on april 18 & 19 at the MIT strata center & i'll be teaching a workshop called "everything you ever wanted to know about zines but were afraid to ask".

this workshop is open to seasoned, long-term zine-makers, as well as those curious about making a zine for the first time. the first half of the workshop will be a Q&A where folks can learn more about zine-making & zine culture: what to write, how to do layout, how to cut costs in copying & postage, how to find readers, trading, distribution networks, zine libraries, making long-term zine friends, & more! there will be space for people to ask about any questions they have about zines.

then we get into making zines! supplies will be provided & hopefully everyone at the workshop will have time & space to make a page or two for a collective workshop zine. donations & contact info will be collected so all participants will get a copy of the zine after the skillshare is over. put your newfound skills & tricks right away!

i'll also be tabling with the distro over the weekend, so if you are in boston or the surrounding area, come by & check it out!

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