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old-new camera, issue #2 ideas, and asking for zine reviews!

Wow, you won't believe how excited I am!!! On Friday, at a farmer's market that's kind of near my house (it sells some cool antiques) I was looking through a bunch of crates of junk some guy was selling, and I found an old-fashioned camera that actually uses film! It looked like it was in working condition so I asked him how much it was, and he sold it to me for only $3.00. So I took it home, and asked my mom if she had any film from her old camera. She gave me a roll of colour and a roll of black and white. I put the colour film in first and tried taking some shots of my kitten. The camera works perfectly! Then yesterday, on Independance Day (ugh, definitely not my favorite holiday), I hung out with my two best friends, who are sisters. After the parade we went wading in the river at the park nearby, and found some really cool pieces of multicoloured bottles, and we took a really cool shot of all of our hands holding the broken glass. I still have my whole entire roll of grayscale film left. I don't know what I'll use the photoes for; I'll probably hang extras/shots i cant use on my wall/bulletin board, and also use a lot of them for my zine.

I did have some ideas for my next zine, and I want to know what everyone thinks of them/would you be interested in reading this kind of thing/etc:
1. I wanted to try and make a tutorial on finding a good old-fashioned camera in working condition. I've done some research already as to what brands are the best, and I can add some information based off of personal experience at flea markets and such. I did write a journal entry on Friday when I found the camera, so I could throw that in with the tutorial.
2. Throwing in my journal entry about finding glass in the river, and include the photo of what we found.
3. There is a really cool guy at a produce flea market type thing my mom goes to on Mondays to get veggies and fruit. He sells a bunch of little antiques (I got an old rubix cube from him, someone sent for it after collecting UPC's on a cereal box or something, I believe, because instead of colours on the squares, it had different pieces of fruit and cereal! It came with the box it was shipped in, and the writing on the package said 1984!). I talked to him for awhile, and he was a really nice guy. I was thinking of asking him if I could interview him about his antiques for a "literary project", (avoiding having to try to explain what a zine is, of course), and then next time I see him, I'll give him the issue. I wanted to take a grayscale photo of him as well to include in the article, because he's kind of old and I think it would look really cool. I was thinking of taking a shot of him holding his favorite item that he sells, or holding up a bunch of tiny items. Or both.

That's it for my ideas. I'll post more later if I think of any.

Oh, and also, if you're willing to write a brief OR long review/critique (I can just take exerpts from the long ones) of the first issue of my perzine, I'll send you an issue for free so you can review it. Or, I'd be more than interested to trade, and then write a review for yours if you'll do one for mine!<3 Let me know if you're interested - most or all (depending on how many I get) of the reviews, I want to publish on the back of issue #2, and proper credits will be given, of course, just include your penname/your real name/username/website/whatever, and what zine you write (the one you spend most time on, preferably, or the one you like best), and I'll include that in the credits below your review.

Thankyou so much for tolerating my rambling, heh heh. Please let me know what you think of my ideas! And let me know if you want to review my zine! If you don't want to comment here or on my profile, my e-mail is indiesquidling@gmail.com. Thanks again!

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Comment by Lotte Rubbish on July 11, 2009 at 9:35am
I would be very interested in idea #3.
Comment by Saling Pusa Distro/closed on July 6, 2009 at 7:26pm
I'll be interested in reviewing your 1st issue (I'd pay for it or at least the shipping but I can't right now, given that at the moment, I have I think -87USD in my debit card, which is a long story) :)

also, I love the idea for the second issue! and i mean everything about it! I've been trying to go oldschool--lomo cams, a cam that uses 110mm films (cant find a decent and relatively cheap place to develop that one yet! blah!), and regular film cams :O i like the idea of exploring flee markets and showing what wonderful things you can find... I've never gone to one--although I've always wanted to... I blame it on being sheltered :I--so I'm definitely up for reading that. Even the inderview would be great! I cant wait to see how it will turn out :) I'll totally get a copy of that one
-I Am

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