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I have been trying to avoid writing a blog about memories of Zines from the past,but as i prepare to begin my sentence within the next week(as soon as theres a bed open),I feel compelled to put down something for posterity,and shit.I think 85 was a good year.I was living in a Ford Econoline in Berkeley with my wife,a 17 year old runaway from Boston.University Avenue had a cool coffee shop,that was our bathroom/breakfast spot.Comic Relief was around the corner.That was where i first met D,who was a dreadlocked pothead back then.He was probably about 15,and he either lived there,or worked there,or both.Plus he had a skateboard,and liked Bad Brains.This was about the time skrub approached me to some art for his new single,that was a benefit for Food not Bombs(and/or a battered women's center),and i agreed,as i have consumed alot of thier food.I had to draw it on the steering wheel,looking over the bay so i could see the sunset,playing NPR to stay informed and so that i could feel normal-like i was a part of the human race,listening to new's like an actual person.Alot of punk's were Suicidal's then,affecting gang posturing with mixed result's.San Francisco's mayor,Diane Fienstien used this to classify the punk rocker's as a street gang.The skinhead's were majorly fucking up show's,and trashing all punker's faces and stealing thier coat's.There were all these great show's,but we were too cool to go to them(we being me & Julie).I didn't like gang's,but I also wasn't interested in hearing someone preach about Unity-that sounded like hippy shit to me.So,i missed some of the best show's in the world at Kill-men Street,and spent the night drinkind Burgermiester in the bushes instead.Me and Julie would crack open houses down near the Marina and hang out,and get clam chowder to go.There was a club down University Avenue,where we saw The Minutemen.She loved Texas punk,which I hated.Skrub had a clicker for the Kinko's machine,and he could use it to plug in the machine and get free copies.Then i could sell my comic's in the back of Comic Relief,thank's to D.They had a location in SF too,up by the Haight.Down Telegraph there was a High School football field,and we would spend my money from selling blood at "Stab-lab" on Burgermiester beer,and sit there and drink it with JJ and Spider.It wasn't no grat kick's,it was just killing time and enjoying each other's company.Ameoba Record's would buy second hand cassettes,so that also contributed to our finances.By the end of the winter i had finally finished the record cover,a major accomplishment for me.Plus we had survived for a few more month's,eaten some great quartermeal,and had some groovy acid trip's.I sold the van for ticket money back to New York,and that was that.It's ancient,boring history now,but it's what makes me do comic zines still-wanting to get printed art out there,having an impact on your environment.Recording your version of event's,and stopping Ronald Reagan.

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