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Anarchist zines are usually pretty generic.Theres a lot of extremist rhetoric,some horribly copied graphic's,usually some painfully patronizing out of touch pandering to ethnic group's they are in awe of.I don't personally practice politic's anymore,except when I vote,but I'm smart enough to know that most anarchist's are like thier zines-big on talk,but lax on action,or result's.That's why,although I have mixed feeling's about it,it's cool to see the Occupy movement out there,getting pepper sprayed and beaten by the fuzz.The vague graphic's,the lack of actual organization,and the decentralized power are refreshingly retro and revolutionarily chic.I find the occupy movement goes great with red wine,and matches my carpet.Unfortunately,street protesting,while effective to a certain extent,also has a lot of drawback's.Like,it draws headlines,and attention,but it also draws alot of cop's,and the inevitable hanger's on and parasites that gravitate toward's that kind of scene-mostly pothead's and partyer's,or actual anarchist's who just want to fuck shit up and do damage.Anarchist's are usually only into the movement for a few year's,and use the time tested formula all people trying to rationalize sociopathic violence use-be so self righteous that people will give you a wide berth.The stupid thing is,in all honesty,if it wasn't for cop's and the system,probably most of the anarchist would be dead by now,since their such worthless prick's,that people would shoot them dead in the street.There's several contradiction's in their argument's that they refuse to listen to,and that's when you realize they are not into real freedom,thier into thier idea's dominating your freedom.In reality,the anarchist's are barely involved in the best aspect's of the occupy protest's,and push the worst to the forefront.Not having the courage to go 100% Weatherman,they opt out for some rock throwing and chanting until they graduate,and it show's,especially in the poorly thought out zines and writing they produce-possibly the most unmemorable waste of paper you see,being produced pretty much every few year's like clockwork.Clandestinely funded by the CIA,various fake communist and anarchist sub-group's get by producing worthless extremist garbage that does nothing,ad-infinitum,forever.Digging through old zines,I see how stupidly generic the anarchist movement rhetoric is,how unhelpful and cheap it comes off,and how boring and pandering the alleged writing is.Extremism is a vice like any other.People that are out in the street's smashing up other peoples property can call it whatever they want,but really they probably just want to smash shit up in the street's.Before I finish this writing,I'd also like to say that in the 80's,The Clash were vilified as total sellout garbage by every person I ever met,They were only listened to by process of elimination.They were viewed as the Coca-Cola of punk,a phony band that just wanted to sell record's.

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