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Okay, so before I tell you about my new project, someof you might be wondering why I call my zine and almost everything Nymphoid(s). Well, when I was trying to think of a name for my first zine, I was at first cinsidering more generic names... since it was a heart break series... i was thinking of cheesy names... but you see, that isn't like me at all. I like metphores, hidden meanings and such things...

So I was like, I need somethign that can represent everything that I will write about in the future to. And then BAM! Nymphoids. Why? Well I remembered nymphs from my lit class way back in high school. they were pretty, wonderful, sometimes deceiving, they were powerful and wooed by manny men. They were, to me the perfect embodiment of a wonderful woman... it was something I wish we all could be... but we arent Nymphs. Yes, we are pretty (and I mean we all are! in our own ways...no matter how lame that sounds), we are strong, we are equipped with everything we should need to thrive... but we arent perfect. We arent Nymphs. Being human, we can only strive to get as close as we possibly can to perfection. Ergo, Nymphoids. Almost the perfect epitome of a wonderful woman, but not quite. Because we are all masked by out ugliness somehow... Not that beign ugly is a bag thing. i think "ugliness" or our flaws is what makes us different from everyone else.

According to genetics, we are all about 96.5% alike... the only difference that defines me from you is the 3.5% of ugliness left in us.

visit my blog < http://nymphoid.blogspot.com/ > for more Nymphoid stuff and other lit.



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