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Now open on Etsy: Sweet Mayhem Zinery!

I opened an Etsy shop for my zines. It seemed like that was the easy thing to do for people who don't feel like trading and want to make sure their purchase is secure. Here is my spokesperson, an exaggerated Colonel Sanders crossed with Mark Twain, mixed with a '49er, to tell you the news:

::tipping hat:: Hey there, podna! Well. . .is it okay to present this here notice here? I've never had an Etsy shop--I don't know your folks' ways. So I'm posting it real quiet-like on the general store door, rather than dressing it all up with bunting and a brass band, with me on a soapbox in the city square. Anyway, I know some people 'round these parts prefer to buy rather than barter at the trading post. So I put out a shingle as Sweet Mayhem Zinery over there in town on the Etsy, nothin' but a crow's spit from here. Stop by and take a gander at my sundry and assorted wares if you'd like. Drink some sarsaparilla, chaw a lickrish and a good tale. I got word that Jehosephat's comin' back 'round from the great war with only an eyepatch, so we'll celebrate tonight. Might as well have somethin' to jawbone about 'round the campfire. See you soon now. I'll be on my way. It's a lovely day. ::taps cane on nearby lawn-chicken, ambles off in seersucker suit::

Oh here, I left the key under the flour jar for you. You're always welcome: http://www.etsy.com/shop/SweetMayhemZinery

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