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I've said plenty over the years. It's time to hear from you.

By doing nothing you, reader, support the status quo. You encourage the bad radio and the generic rock on it, you encourage more formula TV and sequel films, you block any change in theater, dance, or the visual arts, you prevent fair reviews for all artists, and keep at bay just about any thing progressive in the arts. You support the worst of corporate art and oppose the best of the independent artists in every kind of art. Doing nothing is a vote for sameness. And its a vote against anyone new trying anything new.

Time to start with an email. lift a finger and click send.

Your e-mails work. Your refusal to email works too.
Send them to those you support, and those you want to change.
Now is more important than ever. Look around - music companies are crumbling, newspapers are folding, magazines and TV are in trouble, times are changing.

Tell people you support them. Support the ULA, or the Stuckists, or Post-Bands Music and the Art Revolution, or any independent artist. Tell others about them. Tell your friends, but also send your e-mails to the media. Ask them to cover ALL arts not just the boring ones. Tell them to cover the new innovative arts. Request that they play some new music not just generic rock,. to review zines not just novels. Tell them to cover all arts not just those of the mainstream majors.

Target the places that'll listen. USA Today ,Time, and our own dailynewspaper won't. But NPR and PBS stations might. Community radio might. Your local alt weekly might, independent media might., and those places who claim they are in the forefront of new art, might.

Recap. Stop doing nothing. Start opposing what is unfair in corporate art with your e-mail protests. Start supporting what is best in independent art with your e-mail support.

Lift a finger, push click, and send an email.
Maybe as many as one a month! Just that little would change history if done by a couple of handfuls.

The time is ripe for a change, and one in the arts and media would be good for all.
Tom Hendricks
(editor of the 17 year old zine Musea)

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