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So, it took a while, but summer has finally come to the northwest. A week ago I was wearing three layers of sweaters and now I'm wearing short shorts. It's pretty good. A couple things- one, bestsellers. The list I made at the end of last year seemed to be a total hit (everybody love lists), so I made one for the first half of this year. I also made a whole pile of new bookmark/flyers (four different designs, things that look similar to this). So if you would like a stack to leave around yr particular city or town, send yr address and I'll get some headed yr way. There will probably be some kind of gift thrown in for helping out. Oh, and, for the record- my eye is better (for now). Not going blind. May such good luck continue (for all of us). -JJ/MVPD


Ilse Content Vol 3 (Zine) ($1)- a found stack got passed our way and we pass them along to you (cheaply).
Peaches & Bats Issue 6 (Literary Zine) ($5)- a new issue of Sam Lohmann's always-excellent literary zine with new writings from 18 writers.
To the Places We Become (Book) ($1)- another found stack. from when SSO Press used to distro them. thought they needed to get out into the world.
Twig Palace Foxhead Patch (Patch) ($5)- A large-sized cloth patch of beauty.
Twig Palace Foxhead T-Shirt (T-Shirt) ($10)- Even if you aren't aware of the goodness of Twig Palace, this is still about the most stylish silkscreen around.
VA- Dropping Gems Compilation (CD) ($10)- an epically good comp. a full gamut of beats to impress and amaze.

Desolation Wilderness- Horizon Star (CD) ($7)
Grab Bag ($10)- I feel like we've got a lot of new things to fill a pretty good grab bag all of a sudden.
Hyena in Petticoats: A Mary Wollstonecraft Zine ($4)
Ilse Content 5.5 (CD/Audio Zine) ($5)
VA- Summer Soul Vol 3 (Tape) ($3)- I can't believe it, but I forgot to attach a paypal button to this. I
kind of wondered why they were only selling off of Etsy. Thanks to
Monica for pointing this one out (and hopefully it was worth doing so)
for those who want a little more punk in their distro update, we finally uploaded mp3's for most of the Rumbletowne
vinyl releases.
Chin Up, Meriwether!- Howling Underwater (off Fruition)
Glue- Still Here (off the Self-Titled 7")
Mutoid Men- Wizard Sits (off Mutoid World)
RVIVR- Derailer (off Derailer)
Shorebirds- Gotta Get the Gist (off It's Gonna Get Ugly)
and, on the less punk side:
Desolation Wilderness- Hedron Oscillator (off Horizon Star)
Gumar and his Magical Midi Band- Sliding Down Rainbows (off of Orbit)
Rap Class- The Caveman (off of Orbit)
Wendy Rene- BBQ (off Summer Soul Vol 3)- total summertime jam!

*It was pointed out to me that I forgot to give a link to the weird metaphysical blog that wrote up Twig Palace I mentioned last month. Sorry to peak your interest and then let you down like that. There's also a video of the Radio 8-Ball appearance that it's based on.
*Speaking of Twig Palace and videos, there's a pretty awesome, ready-for-MTV, video for their song "Pangea" that is part of the second webisode of Through the Window. Good times.
*In the vein of Seattle folks who work with cameras, Kenneth M Piekarski put up some live videos from the Letters/Twig Palace tour on his Off Tempo website.
*And, just to throw more videos your way, Olympia's own Jessica Gonzales made a super-cute commercial for the Olympia Seed Exchange. All filmed on Super 8, it's real pretty.
*Next week brings a zine release mini-tour for Sugar and Heartstrings #4. Which will come to Pilot Books
in Seattle on the 14th, The Alamingo in Olympia on the 15th, and Foxdye Manor in Portland on the 16th. Feel free to email for details on any of these. A small distro selection will be along for the ride.
*This month also brings two of our favorite summer festivals, Anacortes' What the Heck Fest and Cascadia's Autonomous Mutant Festival. Two totally different things, both wonderful. We'd encourage you to go to both. We'll be there.
*The most recent Letters tour was written up on Seattle Show Gal and also found this, which is cute.
*Alexis Wolf (Ilse Content, Hyena in Petticoats, etc) was published in two books in the past couple months. One piece of hers appeared in the book Lick, a companion piece to the art show by Catherine Grisez (her reading of the piece also played during the show) and another piece was in the latest edition of The Rockhurst Review.
*Our own Jordan O' Jordan just got back from six long months in New Zealand, where, alongside epic touring, he did news segments for Radio New Zealand (like NPR for NZ)...and you can LISTEN to them! And they're good. He sounds like an equally (more?) charming Ira Glass.
*And, on a sadder note, we'd like to say goodbye to Olympia's Mark Wedeman, who lost his life in an avalanche on Mt Rainier this last month. An amazing community member, father, and teacher, he was also a buddy of mine who taught me a lot. He will most certainly be missed.
Until next month, JJ/MVPD

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