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Februrary is pretty epic. This month bring a slew of newness, especially as far as zines are concerned. With subjects ranging from radical parenting to the non-traditional use of classical instruments, I'm always happy to carry more zines that don't have the usual themes. As much as I love a good perzine about riding a bike to get donuts with one's friends, I like ones about revolutionary locksmiths and lifelong non-religious virginity much better. We restocked a ton of stuff, too, and there's some downloads and news, so plenty to keep you busy.

Angry Violist #1 (Zine) ($1.50)- from Transylvanian viola music to how to use a bow to play some tunes, or make some noise.
Criminal: Writings of Isabelle Eberhardt (Zine) ($4)- a collection of writings by Isabelle Eberhardt.
Free to Choose: A Guide to Reproductive Freedom (Zine) ($2)- an introduction to the history of underground abortion.
Hair (Zine) ($3)- interviews with Tobi Vail, Danny Sasaki, and Joaquin de la Puente on the fashion, lifestyle, and political side of hair.
Kickball- Everything is a Miracle Nothing is (10") ($12)- quite simply: one of the best albums to come out of Olympia. Ever.
Lightbulb Head Graph Paper Notebook (Blank Book) ($4)- a hand-printed little book for when inspiration strikes. Nifty Jiggler (Comic Zine) ($5)- a graphic novel-esque zine about a revolutionary locksmith.
Overcome by the Power of Love- ST (CD) ($7)- seven awesomely subtle little songs for cello, saw, and guitar. Peaches & Bats 5 (Literary Zine) ($5)- Sam Lohmann's ongoing project brings us another 64 pages of poetry and experimental prose.
Rad Dad #13 (Zine) ($3)- police violence, travel, trans parenting, hearts, and more.
Rad Dad #15 (Zine) ($3)- not just for parents.
Rad Dad #16 (Zine) ($3)- cell phones, switching roles, recommended reading, Russian-American communists and the McCarthy-era.
Reassess Your Weapons #10 (Zine) ($5)- an 80-page zine from the UK feminist/queer collective, Manifesta Resume of Charm #7 (Zine) ($1)- the adventures, passengers, and places along a southbound Greyhound trip.
These Here Are Crazy Times #1 (Zine) ($2)- moving back home to Reno.
These Here Are Crazy Times #2 (Zine) ($2)- writing from an awesome grandma.
Tiger Pad (Blank Book) ($3)- total deal. 3.5" X 5" spiralbound, hand-printed book.
Virgin #1 (Zine) ($1)- "Basically, I'm not getting any and never have had any. This doesn't really bother me, but it bothers the rest of the world and that reaction DOES bother me."

Basic Paper Airplane #2 (Zine) ($2)
DIY Guide to Drums (Handmade Book/CD) ($15)
DJ Dogwater- Amy Winehouse Memorial Mixtape (Tape) ($5)
Evn- In Cognito (Tape) ($3)
Funwater Awesome #2 (Zine) ($3)
Funwater Awesome #3 (Zine) ($3)
Funwater Awesome #4 (Zine) ($3)
Grab Bag (Grab bag) ($10)- suddenly have a ton of random cd's and zines around...want to check some stuff out?
Ilse Content Vol 5 (Zine) ($3)
Ilse Content Vol 8 (Zine) ($3)
Jesus Christ Superzine #1 (Zine) ($3)- revised second edition!
Letters & If It Ain't Breakfast Don't Fix It- Scattered Areas (CD) ($5)
Polka Dot Dot Dot- Syzygy (CD) ($12)
Shenandoah Davis- We; Camera (CD) ($10)
Twig Palace- ST (CD) ($5)
VA- Well I Don't See Why Not (CD) ($3)
Yes Please- For Now For Then For Them (CD) ($8)
*Lo-Fidelity Living 5- a compilation from Worker Bee Records. With Olympia's own If It Ain't Breakfast Don't Fix It! Plus Jad Fair and way more.
*Jordan O Jordan/Letters/Christopher Francis- Live on KAOS
*Kickball- Fight (off Everything is a Miracle Nothing is a Miracle)
*Shenandoah Davis- We; Camera (from the album of the same name. a total jam, just restocked)
*Evn- Dello (another jam from another restock, the awesome burst that is In Cognito)
*There's also a couple new, free, albums from Wisdom Tooth. What a deal.
*We just started an Etsy page for both the distro and the arts collective we're a part of, Use Your Words.
*Ilse Content #8 got an awesome review on Razorcake!
*Both the Letters & If It Ain't Breakfast Don't Fix album and the new Foxdye album got glowing reviews on Foxy Dogitalis this month! Check it: Letters/If It Ain't review, Foxdye review
*Gkfoes Vjgoaf's Magic Days got a nice review on Decible Tolls.
*And, finally, we're pleased to announce that some of our zines got picked up by other (bigger, more on their game) distros. Eaves of Ass #7 got picked up by Microcosm and Basic Paper Airplane #3 got picked up by Microcosm, Sweet Candy, and the pretty brand new Things You Say.
Until next month, JJ/MVP
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Comment by Antiquated Future on February 17, 2010 at 7:07pm
didn't get Angry Violist #2 entered in time for the newsletter, but now it's up. here's the link for anyone interested: http://msvaleriepark.blogspot.com/2010/02/angry-violist-2-zine.html


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