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The little girl had just been given a new pair of shoes. Her last pair she had outgrown with holes in the toes. Left alone with her new possession, she had to figure out how to get the plastic string connecting them OFF.
She searched around for something sharp, but those kind of things were kept well out of reach from the children. Unsupervised, she ran around the living quarters, looking for something, finally spotting it on a nearby end table. A shiny red lighter beside a pack of Virginia Slims. Quickly she glanced around, saw no one, grabbed it and retreated to the empty room with the couch. She proceeded to burn the tag off of the shoes. The fire was so pretty, and the plastic melted so quickly...too quickly. She wanted to see something melt again. She looked around the room. Finding her old worn out shoes, she watched the scraggly shoelaces melt first, then the holes, then the soles...until it had burned a hole in the carpet.
Feeling like she had accomplished something, the little girl wanted to continue her burning tirade. She searched around the room again. She always hated those ugly green nylon drapes. They were always pulled closed, and she would get yelled at whenever she tried to open them to see the outside world. The streets outside the window always seemed so pretty, with their neon lights and the vehicles with places to go. She had no where to go, and that made those streets so much more desirable. If she could only get rid of the curtains, then she could look down at those streets whenever she wished! With a few clicks of the lighter, they were aflame. As the flames grew, they licked higher and higher up the curtains, growing closer and closer to the ceiling.

Suddenly, a surge of panic ran through her and she ran out of the room, smoke billowing after her, chasing her in her fear. Smoke alarms set off, and the empty part of the orphanage was suddenly swarming with children and adults running to and fro. The fire was spreading quickly, but not as quickly as the smoke. The beeping of the smoke alarms pounded in her ears. The little girl ran through several rooms, dodging people in each one, found a staircase, ran down them, through a few more rooms full of swarming humans, finally emerging through an exit. People were everywhere, running and yelling in a general useless panic. Coughing, she took a few more steps away from the building. Turning around, she could see flames flickering around the window pane of the room she had been in. Sirens could be heard in the far distance. She turned towards their direction, looking into the desirable streets of the unknown. Suddenly she was running, far away into the distance, every step feeling closer to the home she could only barely remember.

As she was running, she looked down at her new shoes and was slightly saddened to see smudges of soot upon them. She ran away faster into the night.

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Comment by Madrea Marie on June 23, 2009 at 6:56am
Thanks for your feedback. Constructive criticism is the best!
Dentist sounds painful!
I haven't had to experience much dental work yet, but occasionally my wisdom teeth hurt a bit, sometimes my face swells a lil but it goes down eventually. None of my wisdom teeth have came all the way in, and my mom was in her late 30s before her first one did and she had to have it pulled, so it might end up being the same for me.
I wish you a speedy recovery from those root canals!
tim scannell Comment by tim scannell on June 23, 2009 at 6:38am
not 'slightly' saddened...,

'no where to go'..too precocious
better...'she wanted to be out there'


well done...nice movement of people round the rooms...
probably should be more on
of people...

nice 'flash fiction'...:)...there are several
sites online...and a few really
flash fiction anthologies at the

root canal yesterday...yeeooooooooooow!
back to dentist this day...more yeeooooooooooooooW!!
blessings on your day


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