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I got in more trouble than I bargained for in San Frisco.I was sick of stealing food,so I started going to soup kitchens.That was where I met Aaron and Case.I was trying to finish my comic,but had nowhere to draw.SF Skins or worse were wrecking all the squats.Although as a rule I hated peace punks (aka Crassholes),I decided to crash with these two guys in this truck with a boat turned upside down on the back of it to make a camper out of it,on Fulton & 25th.They sold acid for this hippy dipshit,and they said if I helped,I could draw there.The only stipulation was I had to help them push it across the street every 2 weeks,so it wouldn't get towed.Selling real drugs was new to me-I usually sold fake ones to tourists,and kept ALL the money.With real drugs,including the best X on the planet,there was actually return customers.We set up a deal where I could get sheets wholesale for 40 bucks,and get 100 bucks a day for watching Cases back,and holding all his shit.This way he could space out and deal,since he was non-violent,and I could handle the business end,since I was incredibly violent.Well,I was going over to Berkeley to sell dope and zines at Tower Records and Comic Relief,and just to get away from SF twice a week-plus I was fucking this Shiatsu massage chyck,my friends roommate.Well,I was eating so much acid and X,and I started cutting in some speed.So when I slept,it was a really deep sleep.But then I started having these crazy dreams that I went over to Berkeley and did shit.Then I would wake up later and think I actually did the stuff in the dream.But then other times,I would do shit for real,and be so high I thought it was a dream.Well,by now,Case was selling 14 grams of X a week,skimming 4 g's off the top,and making 400 bucks to boot,all through the mail.My homey Mike asked me to get him some cid,so I got him 12 sheets.I told him,"Look dude,this is enough acid to melt a small town-BE CAREFUL!Dont get the money registered mail,whatever you do".Well,trying to ape our mail deals,Mike sends the whole batch back to some small town in Missouri or some shit.Next thing you know,High schoolers are jumping off roofs and shit.We did it 3 times,and of course,he got the money registered mail.So the FBI kicks his door in.Meanwhile,my zine is all about aliens and sex and shit,since I'm high on wacko hippy dope,so everyone hates it.Then me and Case were kickin it in Chinatown after a big deal,and he said I could do all the X I wanted.Not wanting to pass this up,I took a half gram,and then some.Then I noticed the girl whos hotel it was had a spike.So for kicks,I shot it up.Big mistake!I hallucinated a bunch of ant/aliens performing an autopsy on my brain to reggae,then a big light.Next thing you know I came to,and the room was destroyed,there were bodies laying around,people crying.I ran out the door,but the cops got me.They held me for 5 days,then let me go.When I went to the truck,it was gone.I was back in NYC in a week.

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