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My War with NPR
I have complained before about NPR censoring most every post I was making on their website. Well seems it was a problem that was not limited to me, but pretty widespread.

NPR has gotten the message and changed it’s entire process of accepting comments. Now Disqus, ” a global comment system that improves discussion on websites and connects conversations across the web” has taken over. They, unlike NPR have yet to censor any comment I’ve made. For example today I posted this comment on the economy and my grass roots idea of a National Hiring Day.

‘The economy is sluggish at best. The government is at stalemate, and people that are out of work can’t buy more. So who is left? The recovery depends on corporations starting to hire. I think the best solution for the economy and getting new jobs will have to be one that is NOT divisive, but inclusive – that does not only build with half of the country, but builds with both halves – that puts jobs ahead of politics.

Calling for a voluntary national hiring day could quickly put hundreds of thousands of people back to work. It is not pro left or right. It is not from any corporatio­n, it’s outside the government control, it’s totally voluntary, works in about one week, and helps all with little sacrifice from anyone.

The grass roots idea of a national hiring day seems to be one of the best solutions to getting the economhy going. National hiring day is a day that corporatio­ns would be encouraged to hire new employees. Corporatio­ns would be called on to put patriotism first and help their country in hard times. Those corporatio­ns that cannot hire, would be asked to stop firing for that month.

Then to I’ve written some tough comments on their policy of promoting corporate art to the exclusion of independent artists.

NPR is not liberal. There is not a time when they go against corporate interests. As an independent musician, artist, writer, filmmaker, zinester, and independent media source; I know that NPR will not talk about any aspect of corporate control of the arts and media, or those advocates against corporate control, or any of the artists opposed to corporate control.
It’s corporations that ultimately control NPR content. This is easy to refute. Find the anti corporate news on NPR. Good luck.

1. How are books and music chosen for review?

2. Why do almost all books and music get positive reviews, why films get tough mixed reviews? Does this have anything to do with revenue sharing deals on books and music, but none on films? Do you give good reviews to promote sales and get revenue sharing money?

3. Why is there no coverage of music, and writers advocacy groups or advocate?
.Diane says her show sells books. No, it sells corporate books from a hand full of publishers at the expense of thousands of other zinesters and publishers like myself who oppose this lopsided coverage. NPR reaps revenue sharing deals with books that are sold, refuses to talk about that, the publishing industry problems, and refuses to talk to writers advocacy groups and leaders against these unfair policies.


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Comment by Tom Hendricks on November 27, 2012 at 8:51am

Bobby Madness.  I've asked ZW editor Jerianne about this. She agreed with me and said we always review all we get. I've been reviewing since it was started by Doug Holland, and that was a key to his rules for reviews.

Here is more from Jerianne, 

... I don't see that title among the zines we have
reviewed, and at a GLANCE I don't see it in the zines I received this
summer that I haven't sent to reviewers yet.

The only time I would ever toss a zine without sending it to a reviewer
would be if there were no contact info / way to order the zine included.
Or if it were a zine published years ago instead of being current.
Otherwise everything we receive gets assigned to someone. Now, sometimes
those people flake out. Sometimes people lose things. So it's possible
that could have happened. But, no, I don't look at a zine and think 'this
sucks' and throw it away instead of sending it out -- I leave it for the
reviewer to make the judgement of the quality.

And I'm pretty sure I've never received a copy of Cometbus from anyone to
review for ZW.

Comment by Tom Hendricks on November 13, 2012 at 2:49pm

Bobby still no word from ZW editor.  R. Eggplant - that makes sense.

Comment by Tom Hendricks on November 5, 2012 at 10:43am

Bobby, let me look into this. ZW reviews everything we're sent period. Unless you just sent these (last 3 months) we are way behind - it should have been reviewed. Now I don't know if we review zines you have not written, but sent in, like cometbus. Let me check on this.

Comment by bobby madness on November 5, 2012 at 10:30am

I sent Zine world copies of Real Madness Comic's twice and they never reviewed them.They probably threw them in the garbage,because their so established and cool,they don't need to review a stupid comic/zine like mine,that suck's.And I sent them a copy of Cometbus 39 to review-I mailed out 15 copie's of that zine,because I got paid in zines for drawing it.NOBODY reviewed it,except the Comics Journal.So much for the underground.I can see your point about NPR,though-they do suck,and could be alot better.But I've been stuck way out in really rural area's where they were the only news source except for Paul Harvey and USA Today.I was broke and surrounded by right wing christian's,and NPR was my savior,as sad as that sound's now-so I felt obligated to say something in defense of them.Thank's for the reply.

Comment by Tom Hendricks on November 3, 2012 at 8:58am

Wait a minute - That's crazy about Zine World. We review everything we get. I review for Zine World. What was the zine Bobby? When was it sent? Give me specifics, and we'll look into it.
NPR is not liberal. Just ask FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting) or Project Censored.

Comment by bobby madness on November 3, 2012 at 3:34am

As a matter of fact,I sent zines to Zine World and they never got mentioned-ever.I guess that would make them a conservative,oppressive practitioner of censorship-denying me my right to free speech.Maybe I should engage them in "battle",till I "win".Zine World must be corporate,or they would have at least reviewed my shit,right?

Comment by bobby madness on November 3, 2012 at 3:04am

I still don't see how that makes them so corporate-my point was they are liberal.It's not like being liberal is non-conformist.It just seem's like your outrage is misplaced.I've sent zines to get reviewed to MRR-they didn't review them.Is that censorship?Or just editing?How would you even do a radio show about zines?I've listened to them alot,and never even heard any book show.I've heard alot of progressive material on NPR,though.Maybe it's just not your cup of tea-it just sound's like your dissing them for reason's other than those stated.

Comment by Tom Hendricks on November 2, 2012 at 5:12pm

Have you ever heard zines on NPR or Post-Bands music, or the Arts Revolution, or anything else progressive? Neither have I.
NPR and all its book shows get kickbacks called revenue sharing - look it up. When they sell a book through their website it gets them money back. Do you know there is a price fixing scandal? You won't hear any of that on any of the NPR shows that feature authors.

Comment by bobby madness on November 2, 2012 at 1:21pm

Actually,NPR is a pretty decent source of anti-corporate new's.Simply by supporting the art's and creativity,they decimate 90% of your argument.They're not Democracy Now,but they definitely are not corporate new's in any sense of the word.Wait Wait Don't tell Me constantly ridicules corporate interest's and government in general.You,on the other hand,are argueing for inclusion and job's-job's that destroy the environment and pay taxes,which finance war's.Hiring day?Getting the economy going?That's corporate bullshit if I ever heard it.Not to mention the Sunday night local punk show they have at 8.Plus health care coverage,and exposure of anti government hip hop,like they had last sunday?Your misinformed.It sound's like you have an ax to grind with Diane-but saying she sell's corporate book's at the expense of thousands of other zinester's is a stretch,to say the least.

Comment by robert eggplant on October 30, 2012 at 2:13pm

I heard it referred to as National Petroleum Radio on a Pacifica Radio program. Pacifica's scope suits me though I wish there was more access for grassroots type people. We do have Indy Media for that function but often it's content is lacking.

I wonder even if the manufacturing of what is news is damaging to our landscape 


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