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One thing about this website,and the community in general,is that it's non-racist,non sexist,and non homophobic.Working within the perameter's of this dynamic makes it challenging to be humorous.It's not impossible;it just takes more work.Lucky for me,I'm in the final phases of my court ordered sensitivity training.I've been taking courses in political correctness for 2 year's,to improve my sensiivity level,and beat an Assault 4 rap.It's eye opening,to take everyone elses comfort level into consideration constantly,but it beat's jail.One thing about being so P.C. though,is,it's really hard to get laid.I mean,I'm into foreplay and mood setting,but this new sexuality is like the Da Vinci Code or something!It would probably be easier to put a bill through congress than to get laid,if your a white male these day's,what with taking on the sin's of the patriarchy constantly.I can handle it-hey,it's all my fault anyway,right?But nonetheless,the primary sexual urges felt by any human being are undeniable.That's why I was pretty surprised when I found out that while I wasn't paying attention,my dick made a zine!I don't know how it happened.I saw it around town,and was like,"Hey,that zine look's cool.I wonder who made it?".Well,imagine my surprise,when I found out it was made by my own penis without my knowledge!It was pretty good too,with some insightful articles on birth control and reproductive right's.Hygeine tip's and band review's were decent,and the wacky copy machine cover was hilarious.Still,and I guess this is just my "control freak" nature coming out,but I really think,since it is MY dick,that it could have told me that it was putting out it's own self published magazine.Like,what next?My other body part's haven't put out any zines-I hope!I know my brain doesn't contribute much.I guess he was just bored,lonely,sick of being ignored.I'm glad he found a way to express his feeling's and communicate.Maybe he/it could trade with other genitalia of all creed's and races.God know's there's a lot of penises out there in the same boat.I'm curious as to when the next issue will be out,and what kind of discourse will follow.I'm not sure who it's been talking to,but I know my dick has access to the internet.Honestly,it's about time my dick got more involved in what's going on around it-it's been surreptticously involved in the decision making process for awhile anyway.So hey,zine community,let's give a shout out to my dick!

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Comment by Kari Tervo on October 2, 2013 at 4:47pm

Word to your dick!


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