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Musea E-mail Club #517 Corporate Responsibility and the Media

Musea E-mail Club #517

Do you watch the news? Me too. When you do you've probably seen a lot of stories on joblessness and problems of the economy. Doesn't matter the news format: the net, radio, TV, newspapers, news magazine; there is a lot of news on joblessness and the economy.

The next time you read or hear one of these stories look carefully. There is often news and opinions about what the government should do to help. There is often a spotlight on individuals who are coping with job loss. But what you won't find is any media source talking about CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY to help end the crisis.

Who is firing? Corporations. Who are not hiring? Corporations. Who is the key to the problem and the solution? Corporations. So why doesn't the media talk about corporate responsibility?

Clearly for the economy to get better, corporations are going to have to put patriotism ahead of greed and stop firing. That would end job losses tomorrow. Then start hiring a few people. That would reduce the jobless rate tomorrow.

Two questions:
1. Do corporations have a responsibility to be patriotic in tough times?
2. Does the media have a responsibility to cover all the aspects of the economy?

Do corporations have a responsibility to be patriotic in tough times? Yes. Some last century pundits will say corporations only owe allegiance to their stockholders.
Well corporations with that attitude, tell these people you owe them nothing and have no responsibility to support them:
1. Management
2. Staff
3. Suppliers
5. Your city, state and country.

But TOM, I can hear some say, Corporations will never change - get real.
But PUNDIT, there is a backlash against corporate greed that will ruin companies that don't GET REAL! Their bottom line now is to help out or suffer a tough reaction from everyone around them. Their very future is on the line.

When I have a choice: I DON'T BUY from companies that fire while making big profits, and awarding yearly bonuses. Sooner or later neither will anyone else. I WILL BUY from companies who see their responsibility to help in these hard times, who hold on to their employees, and who go out of their way to hire some more.

Does the media have a responsibility to cover all aspects of the economy?
YES. Readers, the next time you find a media source that won't even mention corporate responsibility, know that they are not fair or competent journalists. Switch that dial till you find journalists that are.

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