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1) Mr. Pauper, in whom do you believe?

--- What a silly question, but such nice grammar! I believe in everyone. We all exist.

But, oh! how the head aches to think of the few heard in such a brave world!

We all serve a purpose, but so many refuse to succeed. So much easier to believe

in mortality and, therefore, futility, and throw one's hands high in the air and

shout "freedom!" than to work and join and respect and love and, consequently,

live free -- the kind of life in which one does not have say the word, to be so.

2) Why change? What is it?

--- Change is a copper penny, a nickel - parts of a whole. From all past, to present, into future;

this is change.

The small and disoriented chaos in your pocket combines to purchase a soul.

Change allows growth, which equals evolution - Not only of the body, but of the mind -

And not only throughout thousands of years, but along the course of a single lifetime.

Change is the humanity we all seek in each other, because without change, there is no hope.

3) What is your favorite game?

--- Life.

4) Why are you so poor?

--- Monetarily, yes, I am not wealthy, nor do I wish to be. Wealth is the death of painless existence;

for those who shower in gold, suffer alone, while those who bathe in the street, find many friends and many homes.

Maybe that's just me?

5) Pertinent information -- in five (5)?

--- [1] Pay attention - Breathe

[2] Be interested - Read

[3] Open your mouth - Speak & Sing

[4] Love before Listening

[5] Be lost without others

-- M. Sevin


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