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Now I have lead a relatively sheltered Zine existence…
And by that I mean I have been making things that fall under the wide world of Zine goodness for a long while… I just haven't been involved in the community so to speak.

As of late I have been very drawn into the fold as it were.
I have found that the more Zinesters I encounter the more friendly responses and support I get.
So I naturally seemed to gravitate towards this community.
I believe the internal conversation in my head went something along these lines…

"Hey… there is a place were I won't have to explain to people why I enjoy Folding up sheets of paper and trying to capture all of the crazy that leaks out of my brain in sugary little booklet sized dollops… yeah I'm in."

Then I ran through one 1.42 Million thoughts at the speed of think… Some of which went a bit like this…

"Ooooooooooooooh I will have people who's Brains I can pick…. People to share ideas with… talk about process… AND trade Zines with!"

So… All in all I was pretty happy to land on these digital shores… Like a new age settler that seems to find his way home through the strangest paths.

Some Stuff to know about me:

• I tend to Ramble… A LOT!
• My sense of Humor is sometimes strange … or "a bit … Off" (I think that was one of my favorite "Politically Sterilized" Descriptions)
• I have always had a thing for Black Microfine Pens and Sharpies…. I mean like, to an almost unhealthy kinda way (that make s me happy)
• I Get serious tunnel-vision from time to time.
• I have Absolutely NO CONCEPT of Time. None! Trust me on this. Ten minutes might as well be ten years for all I know.
• I LOVE art. In fact I think it is the 6th Basic Food Group. High doses should be consumed every day. Daily recommended allowance should read "As much as you can take!"
• I use "..." more than I should… but basically I say Screw regular punctuation… I do what I want. I am not an English major and to be honest I really don't give a damn to even attempt it.

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Comment by Zinefreak42 on February 10, 2010 at 4:36pm
Trust me... I was both feet in awhile back. ;0) ...and Thanks for the welcome.
Comment by NicoleIntrovert on February 10, 2010 at 2:39pm
Welcome to We Make Zines! Jump in.


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